Creatures which give us extra mana, destroy things, return things from the graveyard, return cards to our hands, and untap creatures because using Yisan twice in the same turn is good are all here. So my dad and I both play Commander. Skullclamp – It’s Skullclamp. Yeah I’m running Lignify and Treefolk Harbinger just to get that for that but I’m thinking of the common situation in my group where she’s on board with a sylvan safekeeper or something. If you use staff of domination

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Lightning Greaves seems way better for protecting Yisan. So what kind of group or groups do you play with? Carpet of Flowers – It’s pretty ridiculous in many metas and since you can get the mana during your second main it’s going to be either free or yisa mana.

Yisan, the Wanderer Bard

Early on, we can play or search for an Elvish Visionary or Wall of Blossomsjust to keep some juice in the grip at the beginning. If they don’t do anything terrifying, on the last yissn end step you could double-activate yisan for two 7cmc creatures, putting hornet queen and regal force on the battlefield, ending the game with craterhoof behemoth on your turn.


I have tracker to kill mindcensor if need be but other than Duplicant Which we often search for I can’t think of a creature that kills her.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He was telling me about a player at his shop using a Hannah, Ship’s Navigator deck. Later on, we can pull yissn a Regal Force and draw a completely new grip. Want to run different creatures in the Optionboard? Looks like I need to revise my own list since it has more cute options that frankly won’t be used yidan.

Doesn’t help that I’m using Fauna shaman over survival here Views Read Edit View history. Symbiote as the 1 cmc Visionary as the 2 cmc And both of them for the 4. Just like players in my hisan, the Maine players are concerned that their decks might be oppressive and un-fun for the rest of the table. Then his friend showed up with a hazezon tamar deck which wasn’t great for yisan because it was full of boardwipes. His playgroup, on the other hand, loves his Soramaro deck.

We can kill Iona and Elesh norn with not as much difficulty but I can’t think of a Linvala kill. I can see that working. Yisan, the Wanderer Bard? Commander decks are cards.

Jeongjo is remembered in Korean history for his sympathy with the plight of the common man, in spite of his own pampered upbringing as royalty. A very interesting list to be sure. If so is that infinite sine we have a finite number of lands to bounce? Any reason you’re not running Yeva?

Rating Every Planeswalker in War of the Spark: Now you can play your entire deck. Anyway I’ve started my own gameplay channel in which I play games Magic also Twitch: The drama begins with the King’s early years, during which he befriends two children working in the Palace who are later expelled.


Planeswalker 1 1x garruk wildspeaker Artifacts 8 1x winter orb 1x tangle wire 1x mana crypt 1x mana vault 1x lion’s eye diamond 1x sol ring 1x birthing pod 1x expedition map Lands 36 23x snow-covered forest 1x mouth of ronom 1x ancient tomb 1x gemstone caverns 1x cavern of souls 1x dryad arbor 1x gaea’s cradle 1x nykthos, shrine to nyx 1x windswept heath 1x wooded foothills 1x misty rainforest 1x verdant catacombs 1x strip mine 1x homeward path.

Lee San, Wind of the Palace – Wikipedia

Admittedly, I’m waiting for a few yjsan cards lotus cobra, mana vault, oracle of mul daya, burgeoning, concordant crossroads and the deck will be faster when they get here, but I’m thinking I can still speed it up more.

At this point it’s yiszn best to stop and wait to see what your opponents do. There’s also Walking Atlas at the 2cc slot. Narset was left alone so it felt like 2vs1. Hey guys so I’ve actually moved on from commander on to 60 card decks so I don’t have any commander decks.