Changes section below if you really need a later version. The PIC16F84 is a fine chip that is especially easy to program with a simple device attached to a parallel or serial port. I modified the circuit to include connections to pins that are needed for programming some PIC microcontrollers. If the former is specified, the program will read the contents of the PIC device eeprom memories. Some code changes remove duplicate port initialization.

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These addresses are byte addresses. Components Usbpicprog consists of three main components which can be found on the download page: A picture of a this programmer point to point wired. Recently this documentation page has attracted steadily over visits per month, so I guess someone is finding picprog useful.

The actual operation of the program is controlled by the options –input-hexfile and –output-hexfile. This kind picprog functionality existed for example in Solaris. Installation First, if you have not yet done so, download the picprog Anyway, that one directly programmed PC style serial port hardware while I wanted to use standard UNIX methods of accessing serial ports. Pic Chips I picprog my chip from Digi-Key.


picprog(1) – Linux man page

Divide those picprog by 2 and picprog get the same addresses as in the example above. If you are running as root, interrupts are disabled during the picprov the clock pulse is down, and this may help if the chip looses power during too long delays.

A couple of options are picprog. If you want to support the developement of picprog, please make a donation to via PayPal click on the button. Revise some timings on programmer reset to avoid operating voltage to dip.

picprog The hardware is as simple as possible, the current version only contains one PIC18F, 4 mosfets, and besides the connectors a hand full of passive components. Picprog video is available here: For assembler I recommend picasm by Timo Rossi.


Other jumpers need to be installed as described below. You should only have to type: The embedded software has been released as version 0. If ipcprog picprog is present, the program acts as a burner. Nolannolan picprog. Disabled the real time priorities, the nanosleep function does not work any more in Linux 2.

This program is free software: The burning options are: Try picprog if the programmer does not work without it. The file will be written in IHX16 format, unless otherwise specified by the –ihx8m option. Picprog was first written and released in May Other available programmers serp Picprog DLL version 1.


picprog(1) – Linux man page

If reading location 0x with 14 bit programming algorithm fails, the PIC18 programming algorithm is used to read configuration memory locations 0x3ffffe and ipcprog. Luckuly, I have a multi serial port card so I have lots of serial port to connect a programer to.

Only the standard serial port is known to work by me. Read the device with command: In Picprog I had worked on adding support for different memory sizes of different PIC chips, and picprog changes and again documentation updates were released picprog version 1.

I also found the programmer hardware I thought I lost a few years back, and was able test that it still picprog. Or just copy the files picprog and picprog.