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Earthquake Hammer formerly , Blazing Crystal Hammer. The Journey to One. Share your thoughts with other customers. Kopaka became a Toa before Tahu and the rest, working with the previous team after the death of the Ice Toa before him. She assisted with the construction of Metru Nui. A problem with many Generation 1 Bionicle sets such as this is that, because they were retired so long ago, some of the pieces mainly those with sockets have a tendency to break even with minimal interaction; this set is better for collecting or display than play.

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They also searched for the mythical Keetongu which possessed the ability to cure those infected with Hordika venom to aid in their task. Usually ships within 4 to 5 days. Andrew Francis Mask of Light. Michael Dobson Mask of Light.

However, despite this, he had a habit of humming to himself, which caused many of his fellow De-Matoran to avoid him. Tahu’s Nuva appearance slightly unchanged from his Toa Mata form, but bared silver shoulder and chest armor. Brutaka opened a portal, but due to the damaged state of his Kanohi Olmak, led to several dimensional journeys, one resulting in him receiving a powdered Makuta virus from a heroic Krika, giving him the power of flight, before arriving in Karda Nui.

Matoro discovers some interesting truths about the history he thought he knew After Teridax’s defeat at the hands of Mata Nui, the Toa migrated to the newly reformed Spherus Magna along with all the other Matoran Universe residents, who could buparu speak the Agori language.

He also has a great passion for bioncile, enjoying being a Toa, as it meant the ability and opportunity to explore new places and study new things, like Rahi. When four of their number were captured by the Brotherhood, Norik and Iruini rescued their comrades, but were mutated by Roodaka into Toa Hagah-Rahkshi mutants named Rahaga.


When she became a Toa, Hahli was initially nervous about her new role, and the power she possessed. His gold colored armor turned to a shining iron gray color, to symbolize the powers of light and shadow now surging through his right and left hands.

As a Toa Mata, he was armed with an Ice Sword, which was later transformed into a double-ended Ice Blade, and an Ice Shield; the Ice Blade also had the added benefit of splitting in half to provide Kopaka with a pair of “Power Skis” allowing him to slide down the slopes surrounding Ko-Koro with immense speed and agility.

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He really wanted this toy, but did not know where to get it. He, along with Iruini, was the only one to escape the fate of his teammates, and teamed up with nuparh to rescue them. Seeking to contain Tahu’s aggression and protect the unity of the Toa, she takes her role as a Toa with the utmost importance, and is willing to protect any sentient being threatened by the evils of the Brotherhood of Makuta.

Retrieved 3 September By using this site, you agree to the Bionkcle of Use and Privacy Policy. His self-perceived failure to live up to the standards of the Toa exempts him from the code, and he is willing to kill his opponents.

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He has since been turned back into a Toa. Lego knows their stuff. The Toa of Stone, Pohatu is regarded as one of the friendliest Toa. Matoro, however refused to give up, and his allies agreed to stand and fight against the approaching armies of the Barraki to buy Matoro time to revive Mata Nui. And that moment will result in events he could have never imagined.


Now changed to a Turaga-esque wise persona, he became cautious, but still preferred to lead with actions instead of words. In the rebooted series, Kopaka carries an Ice Spear and a Frost Shield, the latter weapon being able to split apart into a pair of skiis.

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After Mata Nui’s victory, he helped lead the inhabitants of the reformed Spherus Magna, the original “paradise. Jaller has a strong sense of justice and responsibility, and is known for his immense courage. Chiara Zanni Mask of Light. April 25, – Published on Amazon. Upon becoming a Rahaga, Iruini quickly resigned himself to the mutation, and did not accept that Keetongu had the power to cure him. His problems with Kanohi continued as a Toa Mahri when the Kanohi Zaath was bestowed upon him, as he had no control over the Rahi once he had summoned them, and the undersea monsters that he did call to his aid invariably made the situation worse.

They don’t break easy, and if they do, you can put them back together very fast. He was also very concerned about Vakama’s rapid primal transformation, and was the only one to escape capture once more when Vakama joined Roodaka. As a Toa, he believed that the team needed to spend more time on more routine dangers, such as Rahi invasions; the rest of the team did not share this view, and the differences of opinion lead to him quitting the team.

As a toy it is just as fun as them old ones.