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According to the time line, he first appears in the Sanctuary returning from Jamir. It is here when he reveals to have been a training partner and friend to Leo Regulus. Tenma experiences then a last glimpse of his father’s soul, sealed within one of the beads of the mala, eternally sleeping embraced by his wife Partita, having finally found peace, at long last. Having reached the Saturnus Temple, Tenma is engaged in battle by his mother Partita, who is revealed to be a Specter of Hades’ army. Hakurei easily defeats the foot soldiers and upon entering the church of Hades, he is confronted by Hypnos, who brings forward the defeated disciples of Hakurei, Shion and Yuzuriha. Vowing to kill Shion so the future will change, he uses the Marvelous Room on the Aries Saint, only to be challenged by a returning Aspros, who hurls himself and the Specter into an alternate time dimension. Knights of the Zodiac.

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This Specter has the ability to blend completely into darkness, as she presents herself gushing out from her master’s shadow and challenging Taurus Aldebaran, proving she is able to fight equally at Taurus’ strength.

He plays a significant role in convincing the young Alone to become Hades’s corporal vessel. Further into the story, Yuzuriha becomes friend of Dgel and Yato. The Specter then realized that Shion was able to be the link between the past and future cegel, as the future Pope of Sanctuary.

Finally acquiring control of said power, Rhadamanthys announces his return with a resounding roar, and emerges from the Temple, with his Surplice bearing a new appearance. After his battle with Violate he was struck by surprise by Aiacos and was retrieved by Yuzuriha. Both battle each other fiercely, and reminisce about their past and their connection since the ages of myth.


A spiritual feather falls off the wing, touching the blood-smeared shards of the Pegasus Cloth, causing the resurrection of the Pegasus God Cloth, which envelops Tenma’s body. Aware that his opponent is a god, Aspros degwl to aaquarius his full power.

He also has purple eyes, which complete his cool color degrl, which is typical for ice users to have. He subsequently convinces the grieving Alone to believe that death is the ultimate and final liberation of all things, thereby making him accept his destiny as Hades’s corporal vessel. Haha, I couldn’t imagine Camus doing that in a million years.

Because of the massive level of Cosmo he reached, Sisyphos was able to defeat Garuda Aiacos.

Degel Aquarius

He can also become quite impassioned when the situation threatens the lives of his friends or other saints. There was also a brief appearance of the Chamaeleon Saint, although no name was revealed and she wasn’t seen in any battle later. With the creation of the beads Mala, his soul is trapped into one of the beads, making it impossible to resurrect again. Previously a passionate student of the lives of Saints of the past through the analysis and repair of their Cloths.

He later resurfaces during Athena detel Pandora’s encounter revealing Partita alive, and revels in the latter’s apparent murder of Pandora. However, Yuzuriha reasoned with him and took him and Tenma to Jamir.

Icelus fights Capricorn El Cid twice, firstly amputating the Saint’s right arm, and secondly challenging him in the dream world. After Rhadamanthys destroyed the painting which sealed her powers, she recovered her divine condition, restored the petrified Saints aboard the Ship of Hope, and parted to engage Alone once and for all.

Both struggle aquariuw possession of the soul, Tenma managing to retrieve it pulling from one of its wings, reintegrating the soul to his body, at the cost of a grave wound. Retrieved from ” https: Mars, which now resembles the Temple of the Twins in Sanctuary. Top of Work Index. His soul reincarnates detel time Athena returns to Earth, since the mythical ages of Greece, as the destiny of the Pegasus Saint is to forever be at his goddess’ aqharius, since he wields the strength to murder gods.


However, before Hakurei can break the seal using the blessed sword, Hades appears out of thin air and kills him. Before his death, it zquarius revealed that Sisyphos’ feelings and motivations to protect Sasha went beyond simple devotion as a Saint. Later he was resurrected by Hades. After being distracted by the energy ball that Hakurei made out of the summoned, fallen Saints from the previous Holy War, Hypnos is finally sealed by Hakurei who uses his young-age soul.

Having both gone the distance in bloody combat, and embracing in a final effort, Sylphid finally dies a victim of Dohko’s powerful burst of Cosmo, realizing the warmth that humans can treasure within themselves.

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He does not consider Sasha as a good goddess as she is the sister of Alone and he aqurius thought of betraying and killing her.

Consuming his brother’s Galaxian Explosion with his own, Aspros believes himself the victor, only to realize that during the clash, his brother sacrificed his life in front of him, negating the effect of the Delusional Fist, and thus making him return to his old, good-natured self, and is accepted by the Gemini Gold Cloth.

He is engaged by Pegasus Tenma and finally killed after a short battle. With her heart full of sorrow, she departs to find the true Hades, and to punish Alone, whom she hates. Earthly and Heavenly Stars. Those hit Aurora Execution die instantly as the movements of their atoms grind to a freezing halt.