No forum topics for Zatch Bell! These include “Burn the Spell Book”, which has each player try to kick another’s spell book into a small campfire, among others. In addition to the regular Story Mode there is a series of mini games which are consolidated into “Zatch’s Diary”. The game is broken at times, painful during others, and sports and overall felling of frustration for anyone brave enough to endure it. This page was last edited on 29 December , at Log in to finish rating Zatch Bell!

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Kiyo’s bwll found Zatch dying in a nearby forest, where he had lost all of his memory except for his name, and also with the young boy, a mysterious book.

The fault in Mamodo Fury lies in the amazingly bland battles and lack of any true depth to the game. Mamodo Fury First Released Zatch bell mamodo fury game 19, released. The figure is a mamodo child who looks like Zatch, named Zeno, who claims to hate Zatch more than anything. Play can either be against CPU opponents or other people via two controllers. The last one standing without their book burned will be crowned the King. Get the latest news and videos for this game gamme, no spam, no fuss.

A ranking up system is also available.


This week’s release calendar features wolf gods, pocket monsters, vicious mobsters, and your mug. It isn’t the lack of style, as the series is full of tons of Engrish comments and oddball VO work which – we hope – is done purposely. Choose any character and gamd and begin fighting immediately. Latest on Zatch Bell! Most Recent Forum Activity.

Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury for GameCube Reviews – Metacritic

By pressing and holding the square button, Kiyo can charge an attack for Zatch to use. Retrieved from ” https: In addition, players have to control two different characters at once, and can also attack both the human and mamodo enemies during the battle. Meant as more of a party mode, the 4P battles are in the form of mini games.

Mechanic Arms Genre s: Strongest Demons is a fighting game zatch bell mamodo fury game on the PlayStation 2. He had recently discovered that many mamodo from the previous battle a millennia ago were turned ffury stone along with their spellbooks ma,odo the legendary Goren of the Stone, also fufy the previous battle.

Saikyou no mamonotachilit. As an alternate strategy, we focused on beating up the human caster, since he can’t shove magic off if he doesn’t have his fancy spell book. If hand-to-hand is more your style, you can physically run up to characters and hit them in the face instead, though combat is astonishingly clunky.


Mamodo Fury is a quick cash-out on the series. Full Auto 2, MGS: In addition to the regular Story Mode there is a series of mini games which are consolidated into “Zatch’s Diary”.

We’re not sure anyone really knows, but they’re all about slavery apparently, and it’s the mamoodo job to grab a spell book, learn spells, and lead Zatch into battle for personal gain.

It’s kind of like Pokemon, but instead of forcing animals to fight, you make younglings do it instead. Each mamodo child comes with a spellbook, which will unleash strong powers when read by a human partner.

Zatch Bell! Mamodo Fury

In this case, it’s Zatch, a young puppet-child known as a mamodo. Mamodo Fury has the zwtch and feel of a budget title. The amount of points given is based on the aforementioned ranking system, with “A” being the best and “E” being the worst. No forum topics for Zatch Bell! ActionFighting3D of players: Want to start us off?

One level requires you to find 30 lollipops and give them to Kanchome within 80 seconds.