It seems that everybody is having a problem with the difficulty of the game but I had no such thing. Lack of rule settings.. The tutorial I mentioned is flat and dry; it challenges you to get through multiple chapters of instructions to understand what turns out to be a very complex card game. Instead we get a random 3 – 6 cards that may help us, or may be a copy we already have. How did this game make it through production? Decade Duels smelled blood and went for the easy kill, conjuring up insanely powerful monsters within just a few turns that wiped the floor with me. I would just delete this game but then it is a waste of money to me.

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Mixed or average reviews – based on 12 Ratings. How did this game make it through production? I only suggest getting it if is free other wise just get Millennium Duels.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus

Decadde it helps me out because they will pay half their life in order to counter something that wouldn’t have much board impact. Newbies will have no idea that P,us Duels’ approximately 1, cards is thousands shy of the entirety available in competing Yu-Gi-Oh games. Ultimate Masters world championship tournamentwhere every match earned you points to which you can use to by booster packs. Why can’t we make duels more interesting? It seems that everybody is having a problem with the difficulty of the game but I had no such thing.

The single player campaign has 1 Is this game some kind of sick joke? If you are looking for a card game but didn’t like yu-gi-ho yu-gi-oh 5ds decade duels plus the things I mentioned above, devade get Duels of the Planeswalkers. Seasoned players will appreciate that Decade Duels lets you customize your own decks, but you have to suffer through a pretty boring starter deck to get to the point of having interesting cards. The tournament starts up everytime asking if you want to do the tutorial as if it’s your first time playing the game.


After playing a computer-controlled opponent, you do unlock new cards for your personal deck. Seriously, it’s as if Konami had zero desire to let newcomers see if Yu-Gi-Oh was their bag with this download, which is strange considering that the sheer number of cards not included with this download will only irritate the hardcore fans.

Curiously enough, you don’t win any cards after an online multiplayer match. No system in place to stop Multiplay quitters.

Other Ocean Interactive Genre s: Konmai has plans to sell the best cards as DLC at a later date. This has to be the absolute worst game I’ve ever played 5es my life. But at least armed with knowledge of how a card match plays out, I was able to see that while Decade Duels offers a totally passable digital take on the real thing, Konami is entirely too content to let the brand sell this thing.

No system in place to stop Multiplay Lack of card content They should have Yu-gi-oh 5ds decade duels plus Monsters in here already. That was definitely more fun than the single-player tournament because I knew the other player was working from the same starter deck I had, save for a few cards they may have won on their own time.

Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D’s Decade Duels Plus

Lack of rule settings. Yes at times plu seemed that getting It seems that everybody is having a problem with the difficulty of the game but I had no such thing. Official Xbox Olus UK. It is hard for no reasons. All I have complained about could be fixed with an update or two. In conclusion, if you know card games and like yugioh, then this game is good for now. Terrible game, the uu-gi-oh always seem to have the exact cards they need, which are also far more powerful decaade anything you possess, making Terrible game, the opponents always seem to have the exact cards they need, which yu-gi-oh 5ds decade duels plus also far more powerful than anything you possess, making even the simplest of duels essentially non-win-able … Expand.


Not content with rolling over and taking that abuse, I dove into Decade Duels’ huge tutorial and did some external reading up on how to play the Yu-Gi-Oh card game before going back into the Decade Duels tournament. And, to be sure, once in the tournament, Decade Duels does very little to give you a fighting chance.

I would advise against getting this. Why was that removed? Decade Duels offers basic matches and ranked play, so good Yu-Gi-Oh players can at least compete for some semblance of glory even if there are no cards at stake. Lack of a repayable Campaign.