It’s all but stated that he’s a Demigod, being a human of divine origins. The first invasion reveals the quincies can enter the Seireitei’s barrier because, Yhwach claims, they were already there. A defining characteristic of Yhwach is that oftentimes, he deliberately insults and belittles dead enemies or allies to the proverbial faces of their corpses. His Spirit Weapon manifests as a broad-bladed sabre almost as long as he is tall and he’s very tall , and he can create a truly massive reishi arrow that he can wield as a sword powerful enough to bisect Yamamoto in a single swing. His exact age is unknown, but he is known to be at least twelve hundred years old given he was more than two hundred years old before the initial invasion of Soul Society a millennium ago. As for Kenpachi, Urahara and Ichibei, they are what he would consider kill-on-sight targets.

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When the Quincies leave an area swiftly, they are enveloped by shadows. However, Yhwach is treated as wrong for wanting to restore the previous world where death and fear don’t exist, believing it to be a better quality of life for everyone than what currently exists.

It’s all but stated that he’s a Demigod, being a human of divine origins. He admits that he has no reason to praise or critique how Ebern handled his mission, but he kills him regardless.

Haschwalth, then Yhwach himself, both assert that, once Yhwach has seen all that his opponent is capable of or even what they will do in the near futuredefeating him is next to impossible. His Schrift allows him to understand the future of what he can see in front of him and therefore counter abilities he is confronted by, and he can manipulate the future to cause events he “sees” to occur in the present.


You Have Failed Me: He later strips Ichigo of his Quincy and Hollow powers.

He also relieved the Soul Reapers of having to deal with Gerald, whose Story-Breaker Power had proven impossible for them to overcome even when his powers were supposed to have been frozen, and would have spelled trouble for their society based on his size alone if left to rampage.

Most die, and the few who don’t are left completely powerless. As a bonus, when he makes his debut, he’d already conquered Hueco Mundo on the side. yhwah

Yamamoto wanted him annihilated, he is behind the deaths of Ichigo and Uryuu’s mothers, and his actions unite Soul Reapers, Arrancars and Quincies against him. The novels reveal that Yhwach possesses so much reiatsu even after death that he can be used to replace the Soul King as the lynchpin that holds together the world, but the actions of Ichigo’s future son will have consequences that affect this situation.

After giving an order to the soldiers of the Vandenreich to raze Soul Society to the ground, Yhwach is stunned by the arrival of Ichigo Kurosaki, who engages Yhwach in a brief conflict. He abandons most of the Sternritter once they’ve sacked Seireitei, stealing the powers of the ones left in Seireitei to empower the elite few he’s taken to the Royal Realm. The manga ends with his apparent death and a final confrontation with Ichigo’s son Kazui that leaves many questions.

He uses Royd Lloyd to scope out Yamamoto’s Bankai, allowing him to seal it effortlessly after the ruse is uncovered.

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Unofficial translations use the katakana to produce “Juhabach” or “Yuhabaha”, or “Juha Bach” to give him a first and last name. Telling the Sternritter their job is to fight and die for him fails to reveal yjwach this means they’re fair game for his “Holy Selection” the moment they become useless to him. He’s a bit confused uhwach to how Uryuu survived it. Yamamoto obeys the law, protects his subordinates and maintains the balance of reincarnation, uhwach the while holding a very short fuse.


He cannot understand why Ichigo would oppose him even after learning of their blood relation and after Ichigo’s Quincy instincts caused him to attack the Soul King.

It’s also implied that Uryu’s aware of this. In the post war ygwach multiple characters, even though they don’t know that he became the lynchpin after his death, speculate if Yhwach is responsible for the various plots that are happening. Yhwach is a monster and deeply afraid of death, but he is absolutely repulsed by the existence of the lynchpin and would not wish this fate upon anyone, believing that death is more favorable.

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This makes Soul Society an artificial world that hides the truth about the real world that came before Yhwach tells Ichigo ghwach some point that a horrible fate will await him and considers ending his life an act of mercy. The first invasion reveals the quincies can enter the Seireitei’s barrier because, Yhwach claims, they were already there. It’s All About Me: Upon completing the absorption of the Spirit King, and the Mimihagi the Hywach King’s Right Hand, his body, and the ground around him, becomes warped by shadow.

Energy seems to start bleeding off him when he hits yhwaach limit. From the moment he was born, he could inject pieces of his soul into others, then retrieve it and kill them in the process, though the curing of ailments and bestowed powers led many to view him as divine for this. Power ups from the heroes? However, he is almost impossible to defeat or kill. Yhwach has absorbed both the Mimihagi and the Soul King.

Emperor Yhwach

However, he is a master word-smithbeing able to obscure context and consequences without lying. Yamamoto possessed the most powerful fire-type Zanpakutou in history. The very core of his being and how he grows and lives.