This allows you to add any customized LaTeX code you want there. Read the manual page for details on fig2dev command lines parameters. Furthermore, you may use unix separators i. Now it also searches for GPL Ghoscript. There was a problem when fig2dev attempted to open a pipe to GhostScript.

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WinFIG can now execute the following tool chains: Some minor bug fixes.

FAQ of Install xfig on Windows

The path that constitutes an arc was limited to points resulting in incomplete arc objects when they are big. FIG files can now be loaded by double-clicking on a file icon Bug fixes: The arrow follows automatically. It works on Linux and Mac, but the Windows needs code changes, which I will do later. So it finds 32 and 64 bit GhostScript on 32 or 64bit Windows installations.

Getting and Installing Xfig

Fixed a memory leak of about 20 byte every time an object property was changed. The installer did not create a start menu item. This allows an include directive like: Xfig on win xp. This is very useful in many cases, in particular to send one or more large files, by email. Grab arcs and splines at their outline instead of only at their support points.


Use relative paths instead i. I removed that xfig windows xp of code. Learning to type is fun with the typing game included with Rapid Typing Tutor, while its extensive training statistics and customized lessons are available.

The font descent was not factored in when calculating the y-coordinate. I also created an updated version of fig2dev.

Install xfig on MS Windows

Note that there is also a gswin The keyfile was not found when starting WinFIG indirectly by clicking on a FIG file The number of objects that can be saved in the unregistered version was set to 15 Version 1. That means, end points of lines or splines can connect to other objects and follow their movements. The location is now under c: There may be even more modes xfig windows xp the future. Uploading myself, bit by bit This action will try to find possible connections between objects as described above.

That means an inch or cm on the screen is really an inch or cm. I added a check box to the configuration dialog that allows switching back to the old 80 dpi base. You should install it through Cygwin’s package manager. Objects show their original shape xfig windows xp style while moving. It may be necessary for Linux users to upgrade their Qt version.


OS X and Linux users please check the dialog for the location setting. It also looks for the 64bit version gswin64c. WinFIG could be crashed by dragging an object aindows moving a point etc. Read the manual page for details on fig2dev command lines parameters. That did not do xfig windows xp harm, but it was not very nice anyway. An additional option for the pdftex and pstex export was added.