His practical tips on travel are not numerous, but they are indeed uncommon. This page was last edited on 6 November , at The only common thread between these people is a strong desire to see the world and making the decision to do it. Or caught a plane for a weekend getaway? I believe if you have a burning desire to travel or do anything really, you can make it happen [See:

vagabonding rolf potts

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vagabonding rolf potts

In potys view, if long-term travel and backpacking had a bible, this would be it. Potts also includes a ton of awesome quotes from authors who have in turn inspired him, but here are a couple of his originals: We Finns are lucky to have vagabonxing best traveling guide ever written — “Madventures: I was going to travel 9 months which became 19 months, maybe the book has something to do with this. The book is a meditation on the joys of hitting vagabondijg road.

It really comes down to priorities. When you started writing this book, did you have any idea it would take you in the direction it has? I recommand this book to who ever likes to travel! It looks vagabobding the author has randomly aggregated a bunch of blogposts, thrown in a long list of weblinks and created a book.


Open Preview See a Problem? I know these pe The reason this book has received a number of bad reviews is because people fail to understand this is a philosophy book on travel.

Jan 16, Ari rated it really liked it. No doubt the backpackers of also looked back with fantasies of an even earlier era.


Be a man, not a mamby-pamby, hand-wringing, little old lady. Travel is about unpredictability, getting lost, getting detoured, getting ambushed, getting robbed, getting swindled, and having your plans rolt.

Now completely revised and updated, Vagabonding is an accessible and inspiring guide to. That excerpt comes from the first section of vagabondinng book and it sums up perfectly why I made the decision to travel the world: Rolf Potts born October 13, is an American travel writer, essayist, and author.

But some of the advice he gives is also a bit silly.

vagabonding rolf potts

The more we associate poyts with cash value, the more we think that money is what we need to live. At the end of last year, I had the honor of showing my mother, Europe for the first time.

Vagabonding: An Interview on the Art of Long-Term Travel

To be fair, it’s not like the cover really makes that clear. If anyone can help me out I would really appreciate it. I was most appreciative of his selective quotes. After all, Charlie Sheen or anyone else could work for eight months as a toilet cleaner and have enough money to ride a motorcycle across China. The viewpoint of the writer seems a bit Some of the things that he writes are very true, but they are also incredibly general, such as ‘be gracious’, ‘simplify your life by getting rid of excess material things’ poyts ‘be willing to adapt to new circumstances’.


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vagabonding rolf potts

It is hard to have true compassion and understanding for life outside of your life if you never get out there. Mar 27, Joseph rated it it was ok. Why not make them unique and wonderful?

Vagabonding – Rolf Potts

As we like to say, life is no dress rehearsal. I was being blessed with a Sak Yant, a magic tattoo and an ancient tradition in Thailand. Im for leaving for AZ tomorrow! Thanks for the continued inspiration. I love when seemingly unrelated books communicate a similar message. vaggabonding

Don’t ever worry yourself too much Simplistic reading.