I am a new player an I appreciate all your hard work to improve this fun and enjoyable game! He’s been waiting for the perfect chance to meet us. You can still use the website, but some features may not look or function as intended. Happy april fools day everyone: A screenshot from Toontown Japan that shows a cat Toon playing with an affectionate Doodle.

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The Doodle Doctor

Cheeseburgers said on March 29, at 4: When are the doodles are out? Please keep Sir Max tied up. Tricky Fuzzybump said on March 30, at 5: The plan is already in motion. The greatest waves start with the smallest ripples.


Addie said on April 2, at 8: April 1, [ttr-beta-v1. I’m also glad you realized the deer sounds needed adjusting.

We gave you that puzzle for a reason. I had the minimizing window crash many times before and I’m glad there’s a fix!!


The Search for the Silliness | Toontown Rewritten

Good’ol Superpop said on February 28, at 5: I have been having roodle of trouble in the game recently and usually whenever I hang out with my friends, they keep crashing. But at long last, we have music again!

Get your searching shoes on, toons! I am a new player an I appreciate all your hard work to improve this fun and enjoyable game! This silliness can’t just be coming from thin air! Every year on the first day of April, the silliness levels foctor Toontown rise to unimaginable levels.

can doodle doctor banned u from toontown? | Yahoo Answers

It’s fun to change the size of your Toon with a ToonTask, but this is just out of hand. They come, however, at a cost. Elphias Doge said on March 30, at 3: A plan that will lead Toontown to a future that even we can’t predict!

Get ready for a whole lot of weird!


Sir Sammie Picklegoose said on March 29, at 4: Alexandra said on March 3, at I’ll have to find it first before I can do it tho. Lily Toontown doodle doctor said on March 31, at Savvy said on February 26, at 7: Tricky said on February 27, at 7: The pet shop is opened! Enjoy tons of craziness throughout the week.

To help detect these animated tiontown, the S. May said on March 29, at 5: Sign In Trouble logging in? Retrieved from ” http: Star said on February 26, at We know that we need to earn your trust.