If you don’t like it, you’re one of the people that took a turn in act two and stopped following along. It made the later scene with the motor bike jump completely redundant. When it comes out, you must go see it. Remember when Scream came out? I’ve never seen anything like this movie before. The Cabin in the Woods is a spin on the horror genre from writer’s Joss Whedon and Drew Goddard, without giving away the spoilerish parts of the plot, I’ll simply say that it involves 5 friends who fit the horror movie stereotypes Jock, Slut, Party-Guy, Nerd, Virgin who go to a cabin in the woods to party and get away from it all. I felt that the trailer gave away a bit too much of the twists and turns one can expect from the film, but at the same time the image of a bird flying into a giant forcefield is what will set this film apart from the generic horror films that hit the theatres today.

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This is the part where we scratch our head and say “Wait a sec This is the part where the audience is silent and speechless as every die-hard horror fan’s dream is realized on english subtitles. Just makes sure you don’t know much about it beforehand, or might ruin the awesome factor. I am just so surprised that this film currently has 7.


The Cabin in the Woods

This is a very clever script, with laughs, gore and surprises at every english subtitles. Too bad I can’t rate it less than 1. I have been since I was a young child. If you haven’t laughed within the first 10 mins, english subtitles you better walk out right now, because the movie is exactly the same all through out.

I was laughing all the way through it. Are there cameras that filming people’s reactions and laughing at them or what? Language Set favourite s Login. It was neither scary nor funny. I’m part of the cult following! It helps when you have someone like Joss Whedon in your corner, but I applaud him for being able to pull off the tone perfectly, I imagine the script to screen process was identical.

I get the fact that it is a parody or an anti-horror film or perhaps even a nod whether positive or negative to horror films generally, but I still don’t like it. I absolutely loved this film.

This movie is just bizarre. The acting was poor and even though the film may be satirical it is still painful to watch. Remember when Scream came out? Joss Whedon, Drew Goddard Writer: Trouble is, its never really safe go to a cabin in the english subtitles is it?

The explanation to everything that’s been going on, and also possibly the greatest 20 minutes ever shown in horror movie history. It’s not what we thought. english subtitles blends a few genres together, the two main ones being horror and comedy and it perfectly.


The only scary the best scene of the movie was the guy appeared suddenly at the old gas station. All I can say is that I was laughing throughout the entire film, I cheered, I clapped and I enjoyed myself. It’s also the part where your standard horror flick ends I’m a big Horror Fan.

This is Joss Whedon after all.

Subtitles For The Cabin in the Woods

All your dedication, love, and sacrifice for this genre is justified. Richard Subtifles and Bradley Whitford have great chemistry together and stole every scene they’re in. The acting was great, well written, well directed and excellent comedy one-liners and with the best twist i’ve ever seen!

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The Cabin in the Woods movie YTS English Subtitles download

Have a good time at the theater! It’s taking a weird turn only getting weirder. The movie is that bad It made them laugh because it lovingly poked fun at a genre the fans knew by heart.