Never ask me for it. Nikogda, nikuda Nikogo ne puskat’. Death by heroin is my translation’s theme, and at the end “heroin, no pulse, don’t worry about me To me, this song is about two people going through a crisis, or a break-up. No pulse I want nothing to do with you The phone is switched off Everything right with my hand May avenge 2×2 on the taxi and you suck. Create an account with SongMeanings to post comments, submit lyrics, and more.

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No Replies Log in to reply. Nikogda nichego, Nichego ne nachat’. Add it to our wiki. Lyrics submitted by rjbucs Someone gave away, and got The addresses of our meetings. SongMeanings is a place for discussion tatu skazhi zachem discovery. Zachem lyubov’ tatu skazhi zachem nas, Zachem khochu tebya seichas ne znayu. Zamykai I lizhi Stanovis’ nikakoi. Login with Facebook Error: The voices will slip, And the ice will crush.


General Comment it’s just nice to listen to for anyone who xachem it, and it’s not hard to feel the emotion in it without even knowing the language. And the hand doesn’t tremble. Sailing to me from afar, and melt. General Comment of course no one’s gonna post a comment about this song, no one fucking understands russian!! Dvajdi dva Na taksi I sosi A prostit’ nikogda, Nikogda ne prosi.

“ZACHEM YA” LYRICS by T.A.T.U.: Skazhi, zachem ya zhdu

I am star, you are star. Death by heroin is my translation’s theme, and at the end “heroin, no pulse, don’t worry about me Log in to add a tag. Ya zvezda, ty zvezda.

Now to my interpretation: Zachem nemye oblaka Plyvut ko mne izdaleka I tayut. Soskol’znut golosa, I slomaetsya led.

I pora vyklychat’, I oni na khvoste. General Comment I really have no clue what it’s saying but I really like it. Skkazhi Comment I made a spanish translation to the russian parts of this song in my free time.


We do not have any tags for Zachem Ya lyrics. Say why am I waiting for the phone call.

Zachem ya Lyrics

We were ordered to burn down. Log in now to add this track to your mixtape! I’m tired of living with you You Lock or become nothing. Poroshok vse chto est’. My spanish translation is similar skazui this, but talks about how badly two people want each other, but they still want to get each other out of tatu skazhi zachem life. Kto-to sdal I dostal Adresa nashikh vstrech. Add your slazhi 10 Comments.

Could someone please translate it?