If the bidding team takes fewer tricks than they bid, they lose the amount of their bid, and the other team scores the number of tricks they won. Some allow the cards to be dealt in a single batch of 13 to each player. Then the play begins. Sign up Already a member? Developer Website App Support. After each hand the turn to deal passes to the right. The app is currently available in English and it was last updated on

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The objective of each player is to estimate the number of Bids, that his team can obtain tarneeb 41 game each round. Those unable to follow suit may play any card – either trump tarneeb or discard a card of another suit sakret. The great Tarneeb Card Game Tarneeb, also called hakam in Arabian Gulf region, is a popular plain trick-taking card game played in various middle Tarneeb is a plain trick-taking game for four players with trumps and bidding.

You can contact us by clicking on the contact button on the left or by sending an email to info tarneeb. Sign up using Facebook fastest way to get started and gzme with your friends OR.


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Winning all 13 tricks is called tarneeb 41 game. The contract is 9 spades doubled. Email Address A confirmation email will be sent to this address. We already checked that the download link to be safe, however for your own protection we recommend that you scan the downloaded software with your antivirus. Some play that the bidder must lead a trump to the first trick.


Egyptian Tarneeb There tarneeb 41 game a popular variation played mostly in Egypt in which each gwme specifies the proposed trump suit as well as the number of tricks. Players and Cards There are four players in fixed partnerships, partners facing each other. You can now play this addictive game online, in multiplayer against your friends or, if you’ve got what it takes, against our Artificially Intelligent robot THETA. A player who does not wish to bid at their turn can pass. Thank you all for your support and gamme Reviews, the game is growing more and more, therefore I would like here to introduce to you some new features: This app is only available on the App Store for iOS devices.

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In the more elaborate version, which is popular in Egypt, the bid includes the proposed trump suit as well. Game Center Challenge friends and check leaderboards and achievements. It is for a very limited period. The tarneeb 41 game you have selected is invalid!! You have no messages tarjeeb Trash. Sign up Already a member?

Tarneeb 41

If the bid was less than 13, kaboot brings a bonus of 3 points, so 16 points in total instead of Create your profile now and join the largest community of Tarneeb players around the world. Lighter, smaller version of Tarneeb Toon. The suits are ranked from high to low: If the final bid is tarneeb 41 game doubled, the scoring is the same as in the version where the bids are just numbers.


Start playing now and discover the amazing Achievements. Tarneeb 41 game Description Tarneeb 41 is a Cards game; the main idea of this game is to estimate and try to match your estimate until you reach a number of 41 collections; the winner is the first achieving 41 among 4 Players.

Variations Some play the whole game clockwise, in which case the player to the taarneeb of the dealer begins the bidding. Compatibility Requires iOS 8.

We are sorry to not keeping this game updated, it is the time to get back tsrneeb the fun, we are tarneeb 41 game a new update with many new features: Otherwise they lose their bid and the opponents score for their own tricks. If you bid 8 hearts and the other three players pass, tarneebb still have the chance to change to a higher bid – for example 8 spades or 9 diamonds – and if you do that everyone else gets another chance to bid as well.

For example, if the contract is 10 hearts doubled: