It sold 20, copies in their native Germany, nearly four times as many as their later classic Phaedra. Do not expect the sequencer-driven pulses of the period: The title track is a 22 minute opus giving a clear indication of other works to come namely the austere and powerful Zeit. But dismissing this classic would be foolhardy unless it is a genre you cannot comprehend. However, it contains some really good passages. The groove and melody that made later Tangerine Dream albums popular is still absent so don’t be surprised if it takes you 20 years – if ever – to get it, but in places this is sure a stunning work. The epic and title track doesn’t provide me the same emotion but it is still a fine TD experience.

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The title song ending the album is a great result of this process. A somber, ambient and also experimental 22 minutes long epic.

Only the end of “Fly and Collision of Comas Sola” has an erupti Legend has it they spent 3 weeks perfecting the sound of the organ, it’s an anecdote that demonstrates how TD’s history is intertwined with the development and sometimes ‘taming’ of new instruments and pieces of equipment.

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Pink drwam be the very last color that comes to mind when trying to describe this music; besides pitch black I’m rather seeing ‘dark fiendish green’ and ‘sickly violet’. And if it is, it is the deep darkness in a starry sky, and the eeriness of the thoughts of the very emptiness and size of space itself.


This will remain one of the most melodic pieces for several albums, but it’s from the second track: As with ‘Zeit’ and ‘Atem’, it will take some patience and indulgence tangerinr the listener in order to connect with this trip of eerie sounds, dissonance and spooky atmospheres.

The tangerine dream alpha centauri is not of the highest standards either, as should be expected, this being a release of “space music. These are really fancy sounding things, but they get little boring as they are overused so much, and this group could innovate also themselves more personal musical solutions than mimicking others.

Flute reappears to guide the listener trough changing landscapes of galaxies and nebulas, and the tangerine dream alpha centauri starts to build up slowly. The flute again plays an important role on this album almost acting as an anthithesis to the electronic layers underneath.

However, the last three minutes feature a German speaking voice over the organ. There are plenty of various soundscapes and sound effects, but hardly no melodies, and the organ is less present than on the previous tracks. But after the first section, the organ comes back in, and the magical mood is partially lost because of that. Sunrise In The Third System 4: It is a very experimental album that most people will find very difficult to access.

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However, it contains some really good passages. This album bears only superficial resemblance to their debut. Please consider supporting us by disabling your ad blocker. Jazz Latin New Age. Alpha Centauri, Tangerine Dream, Good.



Please enable JavaScript in your browser to use the site fully. But first track is pure madness again, for me. An interesting if occasional listen. And second track’s ten minutes are good, so.

Alpha Centauri (reissue)

With Tangerine Dream’s debut album not even released, founding member Klaus Schulze departed, frustrated by the musical limitations Edgar Froese was putting upon him. It won’t be until the end when Franke gives us some drum work. Instead of percussion-driven proto-Krautrock mixed with psychedelica, this album offers a quartet of swirling keyboards and a flute as well as FROESE’s guitars. Cejtauri title track is a 22 minute opus vream a clear indication of other works to come namely the austere and powerful Zeit.

This page was last edited on 6 Octoberat Then you get the side length title track. A nowadays extremely rare single “Ultima Thule” was released in the same year. tangerine dream alpha centauri

I think it is. This is the time to let your mind fly in the space. What little takes off my enthusiasm from this album is the recycling of some elements already used on their first album, especially on the first two tracks of this album.