The American release U. Using a cheating device the teams become selectable. Jump and block opponent’s spikes, dive to dig a cross court spike, or set one up for a smash that only the best player can return. Emuparadise Advertise on EP! Other Use Notes Section Below.

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Other Use Notes Section Below.

Super Spike V’Ball

The American version allows the game to be played by up to four players if the cabinet allows it. You will need to login to your EP account it’s free to submit tags and other game information.

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Archived from the original on The controls consist of an eight directional joystick and two buttons for jumping and receiving. Navy and a Russian team in that order. Exercise, the American Circuit and the World Cup. Your quick reflexes and competitive spirit complete the team. Using a cheating device the teams become selectable.

The available pairs in the single player mode are: The background for the Russian stage was also redrawn to make it look less hostile with super spike vball omission of the tanks in the Famicom version.


The NES game super spike vball a tournament mode against the CPU that can be played alone or with another player, and a competitive mode that allows up to four players.

George and Murphy, the default well-balanced team; Al and John, powerful, but slow players with poor defensive skills; Billy and Jimmy the heroes of the Double Dragon seriesdefensive players with poor spiking power; super spike vball Ed and Michael, fast players with average hitting power. There are several differences between the Japanese Famicom version U. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Now, you can vote for your favorite games and allow them to have their bball of glory. After completing the Major Circuit, the player faces against the U. Share with your Friends: Use the links above: In super spike vball Usper version the player can now select their teams. November 10, NA: What do you need help on?

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The Japanese release U. In two-player mode, the players either cooperate by playing on the same team or compete against each other by controlling opposing teams. Once you score 15 points, you move on to the next round. Retrieved from ” https: Pick players with speed, strong defense, or killer offense. The NES version features spile key differences from the arcade game. It’s free, easy and feels super spike vball good!


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Sign Up for free spiie Log In if you already have an account to be able to super spike vball and answer questions. Don’t have an account? Four additional female teams are present in the game but are inaccessible to the player under normal playing conditions.

Additionally, the characters of George and Ed had their partners switched in the Famicom version, with George being partnered with Michael as in vbalp arcade version, while Ed is partnered with Murphy. Rasterx pixels Horizontalcolors.