skullgirls filia

You can delay after smp a bit to give them time to land before using c. The hitbox is disjointed during move startup, making it Filia’s best non-DP anti-air. Can generally confirm using ringlet or hairball, possibly with super if you are outside of the corner. They also won’t occur when used as an assist. Multi-hit normal that hits below Filia. Salon Treatment View hitbox?

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Much safer point blank than the alternative j. Mostly used in combos.

Skullgirls/Filia – Shoryuken Wiki!

HK without having spent otgthe opponent cannot ground tech because hitting a button would cause a burst, so she can imitate a hard knockdown in this way. Filia’s best medium normal to fillia for Medium Counter Hit punishes, due to not being multihit like c. Use this in blockstrings over c.

Cannot KO the opponent. Tread of Hair View hitbox? A projectile spike, summoned from the ground away from Filia. HK that causes knockdown. Leg Warmer View hitbox? Hits mid, skullgidls good crossup hitbox and halts Filia’s air momentum. Samson rolls Filia into a ball and travels along the ground and hits multiple fili. LP will whiff at point blank. Really good for resets, a lot of Filia’s tricks involve canceling the first hit into something.


Color 20 Based on Fionna from Adventure Time.


Ariel Rave View hitbox? Use the H version as a combo ender, but avoid using it in neutral or anytime else since every version is extremely unsafe. In the first string of skullgirl I list s. The dash at the beginning is much faster than the slow extended run. Stuns the opponent on hit, stunning longer if it hits OTG. Queue Sting View hitbox?

Filia « Skullgirls 2nd Encore

This section has not been started yet. MK if you suspect your c. Some examples of Filia’s options after a “hard” knockdown:. HP for the end of combo strings, but is slightly trickier to time. Can also confirm into sHK from all everywhere but the tip of max range, further into Gregor or a ringlet.

Use this when you can to quickly reach up to them, or simply use it when trying to get high above to run away for a better situation.


Used for situational crossunders and a movement option, but you rarely want to actually connect with this move since opponents can ground tech. Comb Under View hitbox?

LK at slightly longer than point blank range is a really easy to confirm 2 hit overhead string that’s less vulnerable to land cancel punishes than IAD j. It’s safe on block so you can end blockstrings with it. Buzz Cut View hitbox? Due to being one of the tallest launchers, it’s one of the best standing AA normals in the game. She was now playing host to a Parasite named Samson, an unruly mop of demonic hair with incredible power. Color 7 Original alternate color palette based on pre-Samson Filia from her story mode.