Please check that the software has been installed properly. The USB is particularly user-friendly since it does not require any special settings such as proper termination, jumper assignments or protocol settings. The SGF files of the sensor are corrupt or not valid for the exposure parameters. This is usually due to a wrong combination of the individual SIDEXIS program files, since older versions do not contain all resources required. SS States the name of the station causing the message User who is logged on at the PC Program where the Error Message in plain language error message origi- The texts that appear here correnated spond to the error messages displayed on the screen.

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Following successful configuration of the network, you should be able to send a ping to the local computer as well as to another computer or to a connected X-ray sidexis xg. EXE A file extension which identifies executable programs. Specifies whether the communication partner has its own patient database. When objects are deleted from a database, they are removed completely, i.


RGB Color signals red, green and blue, e. The file can be viewed with a standard text editor. The tasks of the hub are therefore restricted to mere distribution and amplification of the data streams. If the communication partner is to be activated from SIDEXIS through an automated program change, the name and path of the sidexis xg program is specified here.


SIDEXIS XG – Sirona Support

Sidexid a repeater only amplifies the signals, but otherwise leaves them completely unchanged, exactly the same network types always must be installed on both sides of the connection. However, it is often possible to work with some restrictions. Step 2 – Start the master installation You should report the error to Sirona Dental Systems with sidexis xg description of the action that caused the error. Check the network connections and logs. Transfer After you have made your selection, the system tries to address the networkable X-ray component over the sidexis xg.

The X-ray component must be switched off and back on to ensure that it still functions properly with the new sidexis xg following a restart. Change the address to be allocated by the computer or the address of sdiexis configuration computer. Simply close the images that you do not need at the moment. Possible further solutions depend on the circumstances. Does the ping function of the computer work? If a partner is no longer required, you can remove it by pressing the “Delete” button.

This button is used to add new partners to the list. Test installation of a client in order to test correct access to the setup. Since the number of images that can be saved is very large, sidexis xg should check whether there are any other causes of this error. This is not possible.


SIDEXIS XG – Sirona Support |

The maximum number of views for this image has been reached. A selection dialog box where you can select the file with the new software appears. The entered name is already allocated. The supplied patch cable should be used for this purpose. If you cannot get rid of this message, you should replace the sideexis as soon as possible. A storage medium could not be read.

Adapt the master path in the sidexis xg data path” text field as well.

The X-ray component must not be switched off during the rescue state fast alternate flashing of the sensor and ready LED. The backup dialog box opens. The displayed view may therefore differ from the saved view. A further exposure with this Sidexis xg box is blocked until this moment. Programming is therefore considered too risky.