The velocity will determine a slide speed. I tried adding the switch note before the played note and and having it last all the way through the played note, but it doesn’t seem to work. You could also create and assign another track on the same channel and use just that channel for articulations. Sidroe Max Output Level: Versions Version Distribution 1.

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NI Scarbee Jay-Bass

bxss Which countries install it? Essentials Only Full Version. Integrated documentation for all settings – direct in the instrument user interface. Each string is monophonic so new notes replace earlier notes, giving a perfectly realistic bass.

Bass recorded DI – to give you maximum flexibility in the sound production. Feature details Press views.

Scarbee Jay Bass and PRV

Forum Themes Mobile Progressive. Use keyswitches to limit the string choice or scarbee jay bass move the active playing position placement of scarbee jay bass hand. Sidroe Max Output Level: I’m not very swift with the keyboard and can’t hit the keyswitches and notes and still concentrate on the bass line. Convenient keyswitch mode – a keyswitch effects the following note or remains active as long as it’s pressed – making it easy to quickly return to the default mode of operation.

I tried adding the switch note before the played note and and having it last all the way through the played note, but it doesn’t seem to work. Native Instruments is a technology company that develops software and hardware for music production and DJing whos product line include software synthesizers, samplers and effect processors, sound libraries and emulations of acoustic instruments, groove production systems and audio interfaces, as well as various products for computer-based DJing that include DJ software, hardware controllers and specific DJ audio interfaces.


How common is it? Control over scarbee jay bass samples – random alternation between different release samples where the proportion of each can be controlled by the user. Say you are sliding from a C down to G, but because prior notes may have you on scadbee A string. No one has commented yet. It is a bass amp sim that gives you all of the bass heads and cabs with stereo mics sanctioned by Gallien-Kreuger!

Until you have a little more experience trying to do it all at once, you could play the bass line in first. Which OS releases does it run on? jat

The second suggestion is my favorite because it keeps at least your bass line in tact if scarbef are any problems with uay articulations. Automatic alternation of right hand index and middle finger samples can also scarbee jay bass controlled using keyswitches.

Select a default release type and use a keyswitch to toggle between the chosen default behaviour and other types. Then you can either go back and just record the articulations using overdub in realtime or insert them in stepwrite.


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They have a free version if you want to try it. Windows 7 Ultimate I can import one of the loops from the Scarbee site and it plays with articulations and sounds great, but I can’t make any sense of what I am seeing in PRV or Event View. It then has no where to slide to. The setup package is about Scarbee jay bass mode – play a note legato while holding the sustain pedal pressed to trigger a slide.

Sxarbee velocity will determine a slide speed.

Scarbee Jay Bass and PRV | Cakewalk Forums

Playable in real time – with the exception of cross hammering and trills all of the articulations in the list given further below can be triggered without the basa for any keyswitches. I have the paid and it is worth every cent! Versions Version Distribution 1.

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