For complex projects, the user might want to use more than one form to describe each major building zone or each separate energy efficiency measure, etc. The results are displayed in the “Include system? The core team [11] leverages collaboration with a number of other government and multilateral organisations, with technical support from a large network of experts from industry, government and academia. RETScreen then calculates the annual energy production or energy savings. Archived from the original PDF on Energy models Renewable energy Energy efficiency Cogeneration Solar thermal energy Solar energy Energy conservation Climate change mitigation Energy policy Wind power Energy technology Renewable energy technology Low-carbon economy. Archived from the original on

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A Virtual Energy Analyzer feature allows for the rapid and accurate estimation of the energy production and savings potential for any location in the world employing a five-star retscreen software ranking system and without requiring a site visit. Benchmark Analysis allows the user to establish reference climate conditions at a facility site for any location on earth and compare the energy performance of various types of reference benchmark retscreen software with the estimated modeled or measured actual annual energy consumption of a facility.

The software can be applied to any energy system, ranging from individual projects to global applications. Building envelope, Ventilation, Lights, etc.

RETScreen Version 4

It was originally developed in by Natural Resources Canada. In this section, the user enters the information about the heating system and retscreen software system equipment, for the base case and the proposed case.

Performance Analysis allows a user sooftware monitor, analyze, and report key energy performance data to facility operators, managers and senior decision-makers, including a facility’s actual energy performance versus predicted performance.

User enters location of the energy project, the type of system used in the base case, the technology for the proposed case, the loads where retscreen softwareretscreen software the renewable energy resource for RETs. An archetype that is rated less than five-stars will still contain a large amount of valuable information, but will benefit from additional user retsrceen to help refine the powerful analyses built into the archetype.


In this section, the user enters the information about the facility characteristics, for the base retscrwen and the proposed case facilities.

RETScreen Version 4 | REEEP

Fully integrated into RETScreen Expert’s analytical tools are benchmark, cost, product, hydrology and rrtscreen databases the latter with 6, ground-station locations plus NASA satellite data retscreen software the entire surface of the planet retsxreen, as well as links to worldwide energy resource maps. The source of the data i. Additional facilities can easily be added to the portfolio database.

Portfolio Analysis allows a user to manage energy across a retscreen software number of facilities, spanning retscteen energy efficiency measures in a single residential property to a portfolio comprising thousands of buildings, factories and power plants in multiple locations.

Archived from the original PDF on By helping to break down these barriers, RETScreen reduces the cost of getting projects on the ground and doing business in clean energy. Retscreen software this, RETScreen calculates a variety of financial indicators e.

The user clicks in the ribbon on the end-use they want to describe e. Mousing over the five stars in the top left portion of the window indicates the spectrum of available information.

RETScreen then calculates the annual retscreen software production or energy savings. To help the user search the database, the order of each column title e. RETScreen Expert models a full range of both traditional and non-traditional sources of clean energy as well as conventional energy sources and technologies, including energy efficiency from large industrial facilities to individual housesheating and cooling e.

The Virtual Energy Analyzer’s five-star benchmark rating system provides a snapshot of the amount of detail in any given archetype. RETScreen Expert can be used to evaluate various retscreen software of energy efficiency measures projects in buildings and factories. Retscreen software is ultimately not concerned with the absolute costs, but rather the costs of the proposed case that are in excess of those for the base case. RETScreen Expert can be used to evaluate various types of power projects.


The user retscreen software start a new project using the Virtual energy analyzer by clicking on the appropriate icon on the Open tab on the File worksheet or in the ribbon of the Location worksheet. The built-in templates facilitate the use of the RETScreen Software by allowing the user to select from a series of generic clean energy projects; to be used as a quick starting point for various types of projects. The user can also choose, for example, to have the “Country” column first to the left by dragging the title completely to the left.

For example, the target facility may be considerably larger than the default size modeled in the archetype. The RETScreen Project Database allows the user to open built-in project examples from a series of “Archetypes,” “Templates” and “Case studies,” where the software’s input and output cells automatically switch directly to the project chosen. The cost database provides a range of typical costs associated with similar projects.

RETScreen | EnergyPLAN

A five-star archetype provides a significant amount of information including estimated incremental costing of the proposed project and can be used as an initial draft of a pre-feasibility study or energy audit. They typically include assignments, worked-out solutions case study data rehscreen selected from within the project databaseteacher’s notes and information about how the projects softaare in the real world. The retscreen software, provided free-of-charge from [1], can be used worldwide to evaluate the energy production and savings, costs, emission reductions, financial viability and risk for various types of Renewable-energy and Energy-efficient Retscreen software RETs.