Sometimes sluts come correct,they know how to handle a rider 0. He also loves the girl but has found another one in German. Umawiche uyu nayena bringing straight foward issues pa blogg! I had met a girl when I was 18 whilst we were both traveling to South Africa. Move on Why waste time 0.

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Indecision, on the part of a man, can be costly. Not knowing that maybe you are just studying Brick Laying and Tailoring. Listen to the voice of God.

I feel like my days at primary school. I wonder if you even know this girl very well.

Bonn, Eat or Berlin? Sie ist nicht ernst. My advice is that tell her how you feel about the whole situation and that you are not ready. Miss daisy do you need some?

Where are you in Germany? Miss Daisy u asked him nl get sum TLC frm u thts why i said nati kaiche,or maybe ni size yenu……Usanisule usani doubte,mwamuna sachepa 0. Its too gud a day 4species like u to spoil. Digital smoke…naaa, was pulling the young mans leg……. I need to see this place panthu banamayo bailishanya sana pali ama husbands not eating at home mwe.


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Digital Smoke Lets go! I was living in Lusaka and she was staying with her mother in Ndola. This dude should call me. Nothing much smoke Hope you weekend is sound knackered just need a pub now, i need some sex to be honest, need a white girl easy, sluts and make better mums, what more does a nigg want? Tragen Sie ihr auf, Sie in Ruhe zu lassen und dann einen anderen Freund zu finden, der Sie nie verlassen wird!

Jus tell her u are finished bra. Baby C wil never engage herself aswel,trust me.

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This to me seems like reversed rows here… Normarly the man goes round telling friends and family of there intentions, the woman is doing the same in this changing society it is not only upto men to start these things. Ba LT,its a friday incase u dnt knw…. The gal will handle it…just tell her you have moved on chapwa…. Jamaco, ninkamona ka toddler bakaamba. We only met when she came so see pompus father who was working in my hometown Lusaka, so ws rarely met.


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Thats why benze kumudelela so. Things have changed, Mwaiche. Forget about her and take your time to find a suitable partner for life. Is all our tax going to be used by one particular individual? Iwe call Jamaco kuno ku Gerlemani!! Efyo mwatampa zoona ladies? Oh and please do something about your lips pumpkin 0. Our Brother needs help kabili!! A year after we started dating she decided to break up with me.