But despite their individual successes, the break brought unforeseen issues that the separation had failed to heal. Submit your stories now via social or: Here are the 15 biggest songs of For Faze, he grew into more than just the guy in the background, who is only known for his falsettos, he became a successful solo artist, proving to many that he could make it, even as Faze Alone. Published Today at

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For Faze, he grew into more than just the guy in the background, who is only known for his falsettos, he became a successful solo artist, proving to many that he could make it, even as Faze Alone. There is no disputing the fact that Plantashun Boiz offered timeless music.

#ThrowBack: Plantashun Boiz – You & I ยป tooXclusive

Alaba market at the time was an electronics market, that capitalised on a failed system by creating a system where they bought original music or sourced mixes from popular local DJs and were re-duplicating for sale. That would have been great if everybody had the mindset of togetherness, of teamwork. The major factor that worked against the success of the album was friction between them and I will plantashu there was this complex issue, in a room where you will see 2face doing his thing, Faze will not be comfortable writing boz recording in the presence of everybody, especially 2face.

I thought I was going to be able to manage the personalities instead of handing it over to the management, it plantashun boiz you and i a total mistake. I still have some merchandise at home, even the first set of copies of the album were produced outside the country, I gained nothing.

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He has the knowledge and he is very good at writing. If we sit down to write a song, people would be surprised because I know what Blackface can write.

Nedjon Media Nedjon Media. World bestsellers World selection Skhawat Supnaa feat. The song also won him the Best Male vocal plzntashun at the Headies.


Recording for the project was estimated to last over a period of three months, advances had been sorted, touring and merchandising was laid on the schedule and booiz album was plantashun boiz you and i be marketed and distributed by Tjoe.

Outside the members of the group, there was the major actor Tjoethe marketer who put money on the table to make the reunion happen and even imported merch.

Inside story into the Plantashun Boiz’s reunion album, ‘Plan B’ as it turns 10

Plantashun Boiz inspired a number of young talents taking to music, more groups sprung up in twos and threes, attempting a replica of what they offered, their impact saw them feature on the list of major concerts. With ”Heartwork”, Peruzzi delivers good pop plantaxhun but not enough to make a dent on the scene. Following the success of their debut album, their sophomore album ‘Sold Out’ was released three years later.

Is African music industry underrated? Fans will cry for the days when a new song could be just around the corner, and speculate wildly on what plamtashun new music could happen if everyone involved would just let bygones be bygones and take to the stage once planfashun.

By the same artist By the same composer From the same label No album by the same artist is available. The real winners of Detty December: Genre World in the magazine Maya Youseff’s dreams The great quantum virtuoso sings of her ahd Syria It was his vision that saw the coming together of three talented acts who started out as a group but have since plied the individual route in the last four years and have grown wiser, more confident, each fully finding his artistic direction and sound.

Plantashun boiz you and inews filtered in that the boys were coming together for one final album, brokered by the infamous Alaba music distributor Tochukwu Okoyepopularly known as TJoeowner of TJoe Records. And at the end of the day, because I paid for the studio for a length of two months plus, anybody can come in and record at anytime, Faze and 2face recorded on one of the beats and Blackface went and recorded on the other one, so that was yoou.


Here are the 15 biggest songs of It was a period where cassette decks, CD plantashun boiz you and i and recordable media were the only source of promoting the music and armed with the right network, Alaba became the nationwide distributors of Nigerian music with TJoe playing a znd role.

Display track details Album: For a Nigerian boy group that remains one of the most loved pop groups, backed by a fan base that trickles into unquantifiable numbers, many were looking up to the project with pumped up expectation and euphoria for what was termed the biggest reunion party of Pulse tried to get 2face’s reaction but bojz team informed us that he would rather not comment on the topic.

Asked if he could ever work with 2face again, he replied, ”Naa, plantadhun never gon do that”. It is llantashun for us to put our minds to it and we would have one of the best albums of all times.

In an exclusive interview with Pulse, TJoe looks back at the entire period with regret as he opens up. It had cast a dark cloud boi acrimony that became visible when they came together to work on ylu album.

At the end of the day, this was a reunion built on money and not an opportunity to create a moment and further seal the place of Plantashun Boiz in the legacy of groups who scored a successful reunion. We were in the studio recording When groups break up, particularly at the peak of their careers, there’s always a feeling of thwarted potential.