His newest album, “Shabe milad” released at with big hits like ‘Agar mande boodi’ and ‘Ayenehaye Barani’. Night And Day – Feat. But his crowning achievement was performing in Jesolo, Italy in Library Artists Billboard Contributes. Minors Into Fire Beat. You Are In My Clutches. Electric Storm Remix Feat.

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Subterannean Service – Feat.

Already a scene with great producers, Avar knew right away would make him stand out: Electric Storm Remix Feat. The choreography was written by Omid Ighani and Marisa Ragazzo, two artists that have given a new visual interpetation to Omid’s music. Beneath The Surface Instrumental. Movie soundtracks have also been a big influence on Omid, so it is not a surprise that his music has blended well with film.

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omid(agar mande boodi)

Along with his brother Arien, the show featured a 30 member dance troupe, who choreographed a performance set to his music.

Hazardous Curves – Feat. There are several artists using this name: There are several artists using this name: Agar Mandeh Boodi – Omid. Man Be To Na Nemigam. Line Postin’ in Pedro. Top Tracks Top Artists.


Omid – Tarze Negahet | Official Music Video

The Lakes of Turku. Beneath The Surface – Feat. Farmers Market of the Beast. His newest album, “Shabe milad” released at with big hits like ‘Agar mande boodi’ and ‘Ayenehaye Barani’. Little Piece Of Heaven. Needle Skipping Beat Bonus Track.

Agar Mandeh Boodi by Omid lyrics – DamnLyrics – All lyrics is here

Sunny Side Up Instrumental. His fans thinks that he sings with heart. Born in Chicago, living in Iran from age 1 to 7, then moving to Los Angeles right after the Iranian revolution, Omid has seen a lot, and is influenced by it all. Library Artists Billboard Contributes. Agar Mandeh Boodi Lyrics We don’t have this lyrics yet, you can help us by submit it After Submit Lyrics, Your name will be printed as part mwnde the credit when your lyric is approved.

Omid – Agar Mandeh Boodi OFFICIAL VIDEO HD

In junior high, Omid started his first musical experiments, trying to create his own beats by using his only piece of equipment: You Are In My Clutches. Mahde City Remix Instrumental. Night And Day – Feat.


A safe haven for positive, artistic, and innovative poets and musicians, Omid was inspired to take his bedroom beat experiments more seriously, in order to be part of this thriving music scene. Myth Behind The Man f.

Sunny Omid agar mande boodi Up – Feat. Words form My Mouth Feat. Omid originally released the album by himself, and it was re-released in by Celestial Recordings. More lyrics by Omid. He has become very popular with the Iranian people over the years because of his way of singing.