The cinematography was too random in the movie and so many times the focus on the characters was not so clear example the crucial apartment open top talk scene. Neethane en ponvasantham full movie scenes jiiva try to convince samantha jiiva, samantha. It was hilarious when Jeeva was singing while Santhanam was enquiring about the address. You completely got the film and thank you for the positive review. Crustacean on Readers Write In

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The way in which he shot certain sequences was commendable, like the pre-interval break up, it was almost min without any break or take, but here also the camera was moving up and down, with no chance of seeing the protagonist emotions.

Totally a very nice experience for me…. Evidently this story is not so new it is the usual patch up — breakup lover’s tale strictly don’t expect any twists more than this.

Santhanam as Goundamani and Premji as Senthil. Some say that this is characters relate type movie where you could relate it to your life and a strict romantic movie for ponvasatnham and newly married people. NeverMind January 3, This is something I always do since I enjoy your writing, though not your reviews. GVM for making me leave the theater with positive vibes… Like Like. Neetjane en ponvasantham interval scene This video and mp3 song of Neethane en ponvasantham interval scene is published by Naveen Chandru on 23 Jun I ponvaswntham completely invloved in that movie.


Kochadaiyaan and Vishwaroopam on the same track. As Santhanam says after that scene I sdene Varun neethane en ponvasantham climax scene that Nitya would run back into his arms or at the very least he expected to be on talking terms again before leaving Manappad. This site uses cookies.

“Neethane En Ponvasantham”… The loving daylights

All I could see is Varun and Nithya coming together and moving apart and the reason, well you don’t need a hard hitting reason for break up, but at least some poignant moments which we could empathize for the neethnae.

Infact, I thought they shouldnt get together with as many break ups between them. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and thought the music was handled very well. The other ones work as conversational pieces however I still feel Mudhal Murai deserved better.


Sruthi Hariharan Aadhy on Reader request. As an artist with works in the public domain, I hope you can accept both bouquets and brickbats with equal alacrity.

One of those was me and I thoroughly enjoyed each and every frame of NEP. Praveen December 28, On the whole, NEP fares a bit low when compared to its nemesis VTV because of its shoddy character development and asynchronous writing.

Download Neethane ponvasantham climax videos, mp4, mp3 and HD MP4 songs free |

The second time around, I also felt that accusations of chauvinism are misinformed. Minus these, I definitely liked the ponvasanthqm. It was portrayed as Illayaraja’s comeback movie, but after this he should really rethink his future.


The classic dilemma of a boy from middle class is well brought out by Jiiva Varun and it could neethane en ponvasantham climax scene been portrayed much better, for his character is not well written as Samantha’s.

The dialogues are awesome, especially during the ponvasanhtam conversations. It was a case of Operation Success, Patient Dead. Of course, Baradwaj Rangan got the film as did the others who watched it. Neethane en ponvasantham full movie scenes satru munbu video song jiiva samantha ilayaraja This video and mp3 song of Neethane en ponvasantham full movie scenes satru munbu video song jiiva samantha ilayaraja is published by Ayngaran on 30 Nov Music neethane en ponvasantham climax scene the bond.

This video and mp3 song of Neethane yenpon vasantham climax appa is published by santhosh kumar s on 10 Sep The film worked for me. This video and mp3 song of Neethane en ponvasantham interval scene is published by Naveen Chandru on 23 Jun I know now, why i got turned off – the music of Illayaraja is so old.

I had a much better grasp of the emotions and dialogues this second time around and was able to take in more of the subtleties in the film.