I loved how crazy they were about each other and how hard they both fought to make their relationship work no matter what. Why would anyone read this book? Time to find some new books to read or reread? I keep asking myself if I got a bad unedited copy because there are so many great ratings for this book. It’s just too much for the two of us.

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Every time Ryan opened his mouth, he exclaimed it. View all comments. You really need to read and discover for yourself why this novel is so freaking great. Of course, this had to happen for there to be a sequel.

It was long, too long in my opinion. Maya Banks – Echoes at Dawn Book 5.

Read online Love Unrehearsed: The Love Series, Book 2 Download PDF EPUB k2mm

This book is so well written, characters so real, and emotional! That is unrehearzed till she meets our gorgeous,warm hearted, kindloyal hero Ryan christensenwho is also a very famous hollywood heart throbein the book. Darhower – Target on Our Backs Book 3. Abbi Glines – Sea Breeze series. Well, obviously I felt pretty strongly about it.

Sylvia Day – Bared to You Book 1.


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I think you should stop all this nonesense and screw the shit out of him until he passes out from exhaustion Not pages into the same thing over and over again. The story love unrehearsed tina reber epub told from the perspective of Taryn Mitchell, the owner of a bar in a small town which is being love unrehearsed tina reber epub to shoot the next major huge Hollywood movie.

I give that one a 2. We watch the struggles between Ryan, a Hollywood A-Rated actor, prove to bar owner Taryn, that the stories printed on unrehearded coves of the tabloid are false. Michael Faudet – Smoke and Mirrors. He loved acting, but hated the crap that went with it. Simone Elkeles – Perfect Chemistry Book 1.

Read more of my reviews and ramblings at Ana’s Attic Sexy Tales Review of 2nd reading, one year later: This book is so well written, characters so real, a I’m a guy unregearsed never writes reviews, nor do I read Romantic or erotic novels.

Melody Anne – Scorched Book 4. The timelines could also use some editing – in some instances, days go by in two sentences, or, in contrast, a minute action is explained over seven pages.

Christina Lauren – Wild Seasons series. Well oh boy does this book have you doing that too! I read this book based on all the great reviews. Ryan is so sweet and adorable, and Taryn, though a little too perfect for him was totally likable. I’ve totally pulled the flirt and distract pool table moves before, and the fact that Reber included this in the story made me relate to the story and characters even more.


Apr 24, Aestas Book Blog rated it it was love unrehearsed tina reber epub Recommends it for: Yes, I would love a cup of coffee I think this is one of those books that work when it’s cold outside, you’re snuggled in a blanket, and in the mood for a long, well written, but drawn-out story. The fact that it was so nice and long was the best thing!

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Sure he was good looking, but to her Unfortunately,I get quite bogged down on a daily basis and tend not to respond to direct messages to me on GR. Maya Banks – Wanted Book 2. An A-List Reher Star.