Adios to Winter Bash Active feedback further narrows the laser line width. In normal locked mode – as selected by the front panel switch – this resultant error signal is sent to the Votex’s laser current input. I want to hear from the vacuum! If the laser drifts over minutes or hours, the frequency lock will correct it. Slowly turn up the LF Gain until the laser locks.


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The system is contained within its own rolling cabinet, so it can be moved throughout the shop without having to be dismantled or loaded onto a cart.

Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. When bright, you will have to calibrate the setup again. To learn more about the LaserLock live mapping system, visit www. lassrlock

Since many shops only have one frame rack, though, the prospect of tying it up for estimating may be daunting to users of traditional computerized measuring systems. An optional tripod is available for raising the scanner to measure a vehicle mounted on a two-post lift.


NEW ergonomic single hub scanner design with easy to reach handles Compact and lightweight design reduces target blockage and improves line-of-sight, allowing more reference points to be measured Comes with high-strength “critical tilt angle” steel tray for placement under vehicle anchored on pulling systems.

If I was to design this from scratch it would be quite different, simpler and work better but the request lasfrlock to keep it the same – status quo rules. Please send your comments or suggestions or what you have used or not or schematics of your laserllock or pictures or anything!

compact disc – How to clone a disk with laserlock protection? – Super User

The front panel pot adds an offset to determine the part of the absorption slope to lock to. The ‘scope spot should jump sideways to a point. The issue laxerlock that I can’t find a distributor Adjust the Setpoint for that laserllck point to cross zero.


For setup, a 4Hz triangle oscillator injects a signal into the Vortex while an oscilloscope monitors the resulting absorption spectrum. Modus Operandi The input stage can be configured as a transimpedance amplifier TIA for raw photodiodes, or as an inverting voltage amplifier for use with amplified photodiodes.

Sorry, no laswrlock chance for asking direct questions, queries, broken links, problems, flak, slings, arrows, kudos, criticism, comments, brickbats, corrections or suggestions.

Adjust the Vortex laser controller for the desired part of the spectrum.


Target Extensions Handy extensions attach to your existing targets, making them longer and allowing you to measure around underbody obstructions. No matter where it is mounted, the LaserLock scanner can measure more reference points than any other system on both full-frame and uni-body vehicles.

I assume getting a copy from the distributor isn’t an option? Based on my limited ability to research the DRM in question.

LaserLock – Wikipedia

The problem you face is the tools you want are very hard to find, because while its legal to do what you want i. With Frequency Lock off and in Calibrate Lock switch is downadjust the Vortex laser controller, the front panel Setpoint and the ‘scope for a reasonable optical transition.

No design is guaranteed in any way, including workable schematic, board layout, HDL code, embedded software, user software, component selection, documentation, webpages, or anything.

To accommodate any bay layout, the scanner connects to the rolling workstation with a foot cable. This is a rebuild of an existing circuit. Super User works best with JavaScript enabled.

Roughly centre the front panel Setpoint control. High-speed, high-resolution color printer is stored in cabinet bottom. The next stage is selectable by a front panel switch for inverting or non-inverting, to select rising or falling edges of the absorption curve. May 6, – One of the best ways to improve a collision repair shop’s cycle times is to measure every vehicle that comes in and blueprint a specific repair plan for each one.


LaserLock Technologies (OTCMKTS:LLTI)

Measure the vehicle’s strut towers and frame at the same time during pulls for higher-quality and faster repairs. This is not my design. That said, gains have been brought into realistic regions per stage, gains have been balanced between stages, amplifier impedances were brought into practical values, input protection was added for both Laserloxk and with power off, amplifiers have had reasonable upper frequency limits added for stability, supplies were bypassed properly, ground planes added, power supply returns now deterministic, photodiode amplifier grounding corrected, overall grounding scheme implemented, supply fuse added, laserloxk points added for measuring trimpot settings, equations given to calculate parameters then to be able to set laserkock on the trimpots, indicator LEDs added to quickly diagnose lock state, internal triangle oscillator added for scanning, front panel polarity switch added to allow easy changes between rising and falling edges of spectrum, etc.

This webpage and associated files is provided for reference only.


Downloads All files in the project. If backwards, the integrator will immediately lock up and light the frequency error LED when the frequency lock switch is turned on.