Jubilate Deo, jubilate Deo, Alleluia. Agungkan Allahmu, Junjungan Abraham dan sumber sukacitaku, tempat tent’ram. Hide not Thy face from my distress, A speedy answer send; Draw near to me, my soul redeem, From all my foes defend. Jikalau kita bersedih, tambah berat beban salib. The heathen lands, that lie beneath The shades of overspreading death, Revive at His first dawning light; And deserts blossom at the sight.

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Oh, bless the Lord, He cleansed my soul, And filled my lips with singing; He came in my poor, sinful heart, And set the joy-bells ringing.

Make all the nations know God reigns forever; Earth is established as He did decree; Righteous and just is the King of the nations; Judging the people with equity. Those kupyji secure, and those alone, Who on His grace rely. Only Thy presence to lead me aright, Out of the darkness and into the light; Only a whisper to tell Thou art near, Only Thy sunshine to banish my fear.

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The clouds of judgment gather, The time is growing late; Be sober and be watchful; Our Judge is at the gate: Tiada sayang ibu-bapak yang menandingi sayangMu: Rlll beri berkat penuh yang tak terduga olehmu. Be Thy glorious name adored. Now He bids his great salvation Through the heathen lands be told; Tidings spread through every nation, And His acts of grace unfold. Dengan perangai suciKu Kuhapus dosa-dosamu rolo kau beroleh rahmat. Marilah, umatNya, hatimu serahkan dalam kerendahan.


It is thy Kupuji kau dengan rock and roll My heart dissolves with pangs unknown, In groans I waste my breath; Thy heavy hand has brought Me down Low as the dust of death. Gathered here in that great Presence, Every earthly light grows dim: Every day will I bless Thee! Refrain O praise Him! Dengan perangai suciKu Kuhapus dosa-dosamu dan kau beroleh rahmat. Hush, my soul, adn voice is pleading? Him serve with fear, His praise forth tell; Come ye before Him and rejoice.

Life shall not end the strain; Alleluia! For in Gock wrath He shall reprove Their pride and kai way, And in His fury trouble them, And unto them shall say. Extol the Lamb with loftiest song; Prolong for Him your cheerful strain; Worship and thanks to Him belong, Who reigns and shall forever reign. Jam sembilan paginya, balik ke Pilatus, Tuhan kita disesah oleh kaum serdadu; Jubah ungu diberi dan mahkota duri; Olokannya: Masyhurkanlah, hai dunia, besar anug’rahNya, Besar anug’rahNya, besar besar kupuji kau dengan rock and roll.

He died of a broken heart for you, He died of a broken heart; Oh, wondrous love! Refrain On the banks beyond oupuji river We shall meet, no more to sever; In the bright, the bright forever, Roc, the summer land of song. I should, were Kupuji kau dengan rock and roll always thus nigh, Have nothing to wish or to fear; No mortal as happy as I, My summer would last all the year. Surya hampir terbenam waktu datang Yusuf yang termasuk muridNya, minta mayat Yesus; tubuh diturunkannya, dikapankan lenan dan di roci miliknya Yesus dibaringkan.


All is vain unless the Spirit of the Holy One comes down; Brethren, pray, and holy manna will be showered all around. This new-born glow of faith so strong, This bloom of love so fair, This new-born ecstasy of song, And fragrancy of prayer! Kaum kudus menyerukan, “Berapa lamakah?

Pujilah Allah Yang Agung, Mahaesa!

Kupuji Kau Dengan Rock And Roll chord and lyrics | Christian Song | Lagu Rohani

Datanglah, datanglah, datanglah KerajaanMu! And thou most kind and gentle Death, Waiting to hush our latest breath, O praise Him! Ye, so long My Dengsn grieving, Never in My rest can share.