Laurentius 27 July Archived from the original on 24 May Handayani, Tri 5 July Kartoyo DS 16 July Mambo and Sanjaya, after three months dating, agreed to be married.

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“Kasmaran” by Pinkan Mambo | Music Video | MTV Africa

Daniel Mananta 30 December Isna 12 November Archived from the original on 9 June The two boys stayed with their mother. After three years of training, during which time Mambo joined Dhani’s band Dewa 19 as a backing singer, [4] Ratu released its first album, Bersama Togetherin Kasmaran pinkan mambo from the original on 24 May The duo was successful, but because of conflict between the two members and Mambo’s unintended pregnancyshe left the group.

Archived from the original on 10 March When she was five years old, her parents divorced. Although Mambo and Estianty began work on another album, Mambo withdrew from the group in after widespread reports that she was pregnant and kasmaran pinkan mambo Mambo said that she had been fired by Estianty, although she admitted that her pregnancy had been a factor.

Pinkan Mambo

She generally collaborates with other artists, working with local bands when she performs and has other people write her songs. Koran Tempo in Indonesian. Retrieved 10 March mambl Since leaving Ratu, Mambo has successfully distanced herself from her coquettish, ultra-feminine look. While in elementary school she began singing along with songs by her favourite singers Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston in her bedroom. Retrieved 5 June Raditya, Garna 16 November Onstage Mambo is known as an energetic performer who often includes her audience in her act.


She and Sanjaya divorced on 14 Octoberafter having been separated for several months; [22] towards the end of their relationship, Sanjaya spent more time in Bali than in the couple’s home in Jakarta.

Icha 26 February Asrianti, Tifa 26 April Kasmaran pinkan mambo herself from her former band, she found inspiration for her first album from a kasmaran pinkan mambo named she saw kadmaran a magazine.

Retrieved 22 May Suara Merdeka in Indonesian. Syamsudin W 11 August Yordenaya, Ine 7 April In she joined songwriter and music producer Maia Estianty as part of Ratu after she met Estianty’s husband Ahmad Dhanithe singer for the band Dewa 19 ; after six casting calls, Dhani invited her to join the band, which he had established for his wife and let her manage. She then began a solo career with Sony BMGreleasing three solo albums as of [update]. Kasmaran pinkan mambo and raised in JakartaMambo began singing at an early age but only began to sing in public as a teenager.


Mambo does not write her own songs; rather she uses the works of numerous Indonesian songwriters, including Melly Goeslaw and Glenn Fredly. Isna 29 November She achieved success as the vocalist pikan the Indonesian music duo Ratu between andthen continued her career as a soloist. In Maia Estianty and her husband Ahmad Dhani established a musical duo consisting of a singer and musician, based on concepts kasmaran pinkan mambo by international bands such as Roxette and Savage Garden.

kasmaran pinkan mambo Kartoyo DS 16 July Clear Top Ten Awards [30]. Her mother, believing that Mambo had the ability to be a professional singer, convinced Mambo to piknan and sing in public while the latter was still in junior high school. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.