Unnal Mudiyum Thambi Directed by K. Udayamoorthy and Pillai get into a fight when the latter brings another man Charukesi Ramesh Aravind to become his disciple, stating reasons that Udayamoorthy can live as a man going behind humanity and not as a devoted singer. Both Udayamoorthy and Lalitha fall in love with each other. Music for your Website. Pillai finds that his son achieved his mission and proudly announces that Pillai is Udayamoorthy’s father, rather Udayamurthy is Pillai’s son.

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Ithazhil kathai ezhuthum naeramithu from innale mudiyum thambi, by Ilayaraja kathaj. Edit Profile View as Public Logout. The next morning, family members are shocked on seeing Udayamurthy hanging himself at the middle of the hall.

Automatically share your activity on Facebook. Bhaskaran edited the film, and Mohanam was the art director. The old man calls Udayamurthy and advises him to be helpful to others.

Ithazhil Kathai Yezhuthum Tamil Song Lyrics from Unnal Mudiyum Thambi () in Tamil English Font

The film was a remake of the director’s own Telugu film Ezhutum Show my social media links facebook. Send me occasional email updates.


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This angers Pillai, and he shouts that Udayamoorthy is not fit to be his disciple. At another incident, Udayamoorthy gets vexed when Pillai does not care to save a dying man by giving ithazhil kathai ezhuthum lift in his car to the hospital but cared only to be punctual for his music program, leading to the man’s death due to delay in treatment.

Udayamoorthy could not concentrate on singing when he hears the begging of a night beggar.

Ithazhil Kathai Yezhuthum Lyrics

Pillai challenges Udayamoorthy to become a man making his father proud without using the name of his father in the society and then he will listen to what he says. Unnal Mudiyum Thambi Directed by K. He also accepts the marriage of his son with Lalitha and unites them. Adolescent Udayamoorthy, from a high society family, sees an old, blind beggar woman struggling to pick up a banana thrown by a passerby. Views Read Edit View history. Create Recordings and be part of the Smule community!


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