Since XML files can also be read through Excel software, you can manipulate the data as you wish. How do I access the ions? See also the previous question on TiAl. However there are some restrictions and these include: XML files are Internet friendly and can be accessed in a browser environment. What are the installation options?

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In the Reactants Window enter your initial substance, e.

– Equilib module

Otherwise your calculated equilibria are for metastable states. Factsage software message may appear in the Results Window when the program is having difficulty finding a solution.

It is primarily used for figures produced by Phase Diagram. It can factsage software used to calculate complex phase equilibria in many systems of interest consisting of a mixture of inorganic substances reacting with each other. Thermodynamically this type of calculation is called an “open system” calculation, i.

You can find a list factszge some users here. In most cases we suggest a way to handle or factsage software the bug. You may want to ask your Network Fqctsage to show you how to specify on your PC a network path with a letter for example p: However the output should be correct.


This is why all the lines are straight and the resulting ideal diagram is simple but only an approximation to the true system. Other Error Messages and Bugs: On import into FactSage these data are automatically stored in a compound and a solution database. Typically a new version of FactSage is released each year but this may vary depending upon the amount of changes.

All species – use with caution. Any solution phase with a “? Once you have made softwaee factsage software it becomes the new default. The Equilib module is the Gibbs energy minimization workhorse of FactSage and the factsage software popular program. Factssage of some components can result in logical inconsistencies with grave consequences.

Not shown here is how one can set various constraints, options, targets, etc. SimuSage process simulation package.

We choose -2 to 16 as default values which you can change to any values because M.

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All of these except the university database SUV have found equivalences in the new Softsare environment. Outside this temperature range in Equilib, for example, the species will be flagged with a ‘T’. Go to the Equilib Menu Window. The problem is that the factsage software installations are very different.


The Reactants Window Fig.

The recommended composition ranges of the solutions are given in the List Window. These options are included in order to reduce the total number of undesired species in system. In Phase Diagramif you select a composition variable that lies on a stoichiometric compound line then one of the species in a two- or three-metal system may not appear on the figure factsage software it has zero moles.

Nevertheless it will remain fairly constant over a few degrees and we have applied a factsage software range of 5 K. You may enter up to 48 reactants consisting of up to 32 different components elements and electron phases. You may download it here. It requires at least 1 GB free disk space. Then please e-mail us and explain the nature of the problem.

See also the previous question on TiAl. Unless you carefully follow the instructions about removing certain components from the component list, completely erroneous calculations can result.