Remember that there are only 3 more dates left, so go vote now! Jagmin joined A Skylit Drive to replace original vocalist, Jordan Blake, who left for health concerns in It’s amazing to get all of the support from fans, so I’ll put that at the top of the list of biggest musical accomplishments. Fourth, I’d say to continue to release good music to the kids that love what I do! I’ve never been in a band.

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Vocalspianoguitarkeyboardssynthesizers. The worst thing about being a Solo artist in charge of a record label, recording studio, and clothing company, is the lack of control. We still ensure that the pre-order will go out 3 weeks before the official drop!

etienne sin dreaming of screaming

I cannot wait for that! My first live show, I think it was at a dreaming of screaming etienne sin. What was your favorite song that you’ve covered so far? Each pre-order package comes with different editions. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He liked what I was doing and wanted to dreaminh an entire project. What serves as your biggest inspiration to go out and make music?


I started in music since a little child. The touring and merchandising industries are still there, so they should capitalize on those facts. Musicians and music business owners just need to find different ways to make their living. Come check out our touring bands: I wanted my own to come to fruition.

Michael Jagmin – Wikipedia

Love that song by the way. IndianolaTragic HeroFearless. If we’re counting, I’d say since Check it out right here.

etenne At what age did you start playing? Sin is a shortened version of my last name. I have collaborations with Jordan Blake, and an amazing drummer from Germany called Blastphemer. It was all really simple and straightforward stuff. Who are your biggest idols and why? I formed my own solo project back inafter realizing that I wanted to do music full time.

Any day off, I’m with my girl, but If I have a few hours I’ll play some video games.

Also, by making the pre-order, you directly help us fund the printing of the E. For that I sincerely thank you. It’ll be big, so stay tuned for that!


Friday Music Reviews: Interview: Etienne Sin

I’m getting my clothing company back up and running, it has been re-branded as “Sin Circle Apparel. We will have new covers, releases, and even a new band announcement in the next few weeks. It was later announced from Jagmin that the band was in hiatus dreeaming to conflict between founder and guitarist, Nick Miller, and him.

Any last words for your Sinners? To finally gain control of all of my sub businesses and my artistry. Before that, I went to school for music, attempting to get a regular in some random music field. Fronted by the young and talented, Alexa Lylth, they have big dreams and goals with The Sin Circle Records, and we cannot wait to work with them.

Is it always the same set’s live?