Just In All Stories: Xicor looked to the Southwest with a smirk. About Me majinboo www. They sat in the mystical garden and conversed. He then left the Planet. Princess Bic turned around grabbing a small, beautiful, metallic flower vase while Goku spoke.

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Princess Bic on a other hand looked more matured with long silver hair and icy blue eyes. Trys hard and dodges the Wave, it go’s into the air and explodes Goku finally landed on the mysterious planet. He tried to sit up but to only be pushed back down.

Although well-intended and well-done, this hoax caused quite a bit of confusion, helping to increase at least temporarily the already-rampant amount of fan speculation. Vegeta was wearing his usual maroon tank top and gray cargo pants.

He arched his back and gripped the grass. Your not suggesting what I think you are, are you? Vegeta Jr throws his fist across Goku Jrs. I would like to get one before posting my next chappy! Now I don’t have anyone to train with, unless I go to father…darn it! Goten chuckled, albeit nervously, a little bit, still scratching his head. An ugly creature indeed.


On that Night after Goten and Goku Jr.

Dragon Ball AF

Was he made for war? Constructive criticism is much appreciated. He then left the Planet. Story Story Writer Forum Community. Trunks flew through a cloud, muttering insults to Xicoe and his father under his breath. That is where the Story begins The Rragon wanted a son to create the ultimate being, so she soon had a Son, named Xicor who was born a Super Saiyan 5, he was Ultimate.

He turned to see his beloved wife running to him. A dot appeared on the horizon, quickly developing into his father’s form. I could never sf such a thing. However, a piece of fan art began circulating around the Internet inbearing a logo dragon ball af xicor saga ” Dragon Ball AF “, and promoting the supposedly new Super Saiyan 5 form. It’s the 4-hour version, because I think Mrqball’s version got taken down, but King X KoK’s compilation is still up, thank goodness!


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What is it with you and girls these days? Are his true instincts to kill? There are many supposed bits of “information” about the series, most xidor which stem from fans believing that fan art or fan fiction is from an official source.

When they got to her palace he showered and ate. Your review has been posted.

Dragonball AF xicor SAGA page 23

Well, I can’t stick around for long. The space pod whizzed down to the jagged mountains, fire surrounding the spaceship’s hull.

He had a green gi, and a large neon green aura surrounded him as he let out a brief scream, letting lose a portion of his power. A man with white hair and two black stripes became visible.