It definitely felt more like a club or even a rave than a standard concert. The disco-holic duo have released three E. It was the 2nd concert I have attended with these guys performing and it never fails to be an all out good time. The energy is insane! I saw Cherub a year ago at the same venue and it was great. See all posters Both members of the band have great synergy with one another, and they were joking with each other and making fun of one another.

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SX Schedule Search this site: They took a very brief break following their set closer before coming back on stage for their most popular tune antipazto “Doses and Mimosas.

Cherub (musical duo)

Both Jordan and Jason have performed individually, as Schtompa and I. I was waving at him and he rolled down the window and invited cherub antipasto to an after party! Worst concert I’ve ever been to. Cherub consists of Jordan Kelley and Jason Huber.

AZ | Cherub – Doses & Mimosas (The Knocks Remix) lyrics (Antipasto EP Album)

The show was amazing!! Cherub with Maddy Antipasti. He was antipato sweet and I’ll always remember it. I will definitely go check them again Report as inappropriate. The energy at the show was spectacular as the crowd was jamming from the start. The crowd was mostly teens and young adults, and you can expect the smell of alcohol in the air. Don’t be a stranger cherub antipasto and come back to LA.


The opening notes sent the crowd cherub antipasto a huge frenzy.

Not fherub was Cherub amazing, but the opening bands as well Gibbz and Cherub antipasto Beach. Lots of energy, and great music to dance to. The dynamic duo brought that fucking energy last night. I saw Cherub a year ago at the same venue and it was great. We hung out with them after the show and they were totally normal dudes. Any chance I have to see them perform I will go. This was one of the best shows I’ve ever been to—and I’ve been to a decent number of shows.

The duo met while pursuing music business degrees at Middle Tennessee State, a large antipwsto university just outside of Nashville. Had such and amazing times. We love you cherub Cherub cherub antipasto for life.

See all cherub antipasto 2. Get your tour dates seen by one billion fans: Cherub keeps us connected in the music like old African tribes around the watering hole the fans start to chant and Cherub shows how organic and talented they are by incorporating our voice into the performance like band practice in the barn.


They flowed one song into the next, never letting the music die down.

Doses & Mimosas (The Knocks Remix) by Cherub – Pandora

It was just like a big party the whole time, you could cherub antipasto they were loving the audience and we were loving them right back. I loved their energy and the way they used the whole stage and made the concert feel intimate and personal between the crowd and the performers. Probably the best traditional concert experience I have had. It was up close and personal and they played a cherub antipasto broad selection. Seeing them live really shows how talented they are and how much they care about their fans.

Been to them twice, and these guys generally draw an amazing crowd. I think they’d be even better in a closed antioasto environment, but I saw them at the Sleep Train Amphitheatre in San Diego and they were still awesome.