Vulture Industries The Ocean. Patrick Damiani , Carach Angren. Es ist mein bester Freund. He stumbled across an old farmstead and entered this wooden shack. Sir John “Scalpel, Clamps. This time he was caught by a farmer who grabbed his legs to lift and hold him high.

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It somehow drove little Hector mad. Soon he realized his raid of death had come to an end. Unfortunately the child could not hold his daddy that long. The Chase Vault Tragedy. Ican’t remember confronting these extreme forms of torever. Je m’en fous de la populace!

Suicidal white noise absorbing the essence from light, mirth and vitality.

I can’t believe my eyes. In this hell I’ll wait for you! An Ominous Recording 2. Co-Headlining European Tour 5. So strange to see a still image of this infernal reality. This page was last edited on 24 Octoberat Mother came home and saw her son. I was ordered to execute seven prisioners.


Tidalwave Studios at Karlsruhe, Germany [2]. Advertisement Advertise on MS. Father resisted and for that he was taken upstairs after his boy. And so the instrument of peace is being silenced by the one of war. Vulture Industries The Ocean. I can’t believe what I see. And for a moment their pain disappears. Spectral Infantry Battalions Battle formations, dead but still wandering ahead.

Mais je reste puissant!

Carach Angren – Where the Corpses Sink Forever Review

Eating intestines to keep ourselves alive. Mother came home and saw her husband. So caracb, tasteful, eaten from within. Dragging on with broken legs to break loose from the horrid stench of burning lives and burning flags. I never took a life! This Is No Fairytale His soul torn asunder by the horrors of war.

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Carach Angren – Where the Corpses Sink Forever – Encyclopaedia Metallum: The Metal Archives

Touched by the devil’s hand. Never satisfied, in his last moment realized, his raid of death had come to an end.


Trembling, raging “Bring my map” with clenched fists. One carrying so much death will soon care for life no more.