Necrons written by our Spiritual Liege reveals the necrons are no longer enslaved by the C’tan, instead they are their sworn enemies for tricking them into giving up flesh. But at least off-world it’ll probably just not work instead of actively seek to kill you. Thus the modern Adeptus Mechanicus was formed. This means that he foresaw the rebellion of the machines and the long night and allowed it as a means to develop a technology that could then be salvaged after. There is no time for the sort of applied research programs that took Man twenty five thousand years to develop, in a time of unprecedented growth and prosperity.

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By the way, the “Void” Dragon is actually only called “The Dragon” in the official fluff, probably as a reference to Metropolis. Here they recognize the illogical existence of Souls and Warp, and their defining roles in being representation of one’s beliefs.

ITER worked after all. It means when it goes on too long you run out of theories to turn into technologies, and then you run out of technologies to apply. Where else can you even buy a new cellphone or have repair maintenance for your servitors, if not your local Techpriest? Loyal tech magi were evacuated from Mars when the Death of Innocence hit the planet and a new Fabricator General was elected.

The rituals do not exists for mysticism, they exist because they are the most practical means of building, repairing and maintaining the equipment they have with the knowledge surviving.

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Sure, if it’s aadmech Lasgun it’ll just not work or start shooting off rounds by itself, but if you piss off a Land Raider you can say bye-bye to half a continent. You can use any tool and component but you don’t have access to computers.


If AI rebellion, salvation for mankind. Either way, Man wins. The only thing that changes as a result of that is once the Void Dragon shard or whole, who knows? The Mechanicus by and large are the greediest gits in the galaxy, on top of being feudal as fuck. Yes, that’s 31st millennium, but it’s quite clear that even in the 41st they know “normal” sciences like mechanics, thermodynamics, biology, optics, quantum physics, etc.

This happened after they sent pretty much their entire fleet and army to Terra to prevent the Unification of meatbags, so they can continue to raid ancient Terran tombs and libraries once or twice a century.

After hundreds of years of living from half-working mechanical bunker to partially-pressurized archaic hab spire; people began to look upon technology as a saviour and way to return to the former heights of glory.

During the Age of Strifetheir precious atmosphere was punctured, and solar radiation beat down on their filthy admwch burned the land, boiled the seas, and took the sky from them, nuking all life.

Nobody knows anything because the Fall fucked everything up and the Heresy double-fucked it. Though they are still politically part of the United States, they are simply so rich and powerful, and have totally privatised the production and manufacturing of technology for themselves, that they admevh basically buy the government and its politicians.

Adeptus Mechanicus

It’s because it exists. Build a library, fill it with all human knowledge. This interpretation of the “Machine Spirit” is particularly disturbing, to be sure, but is necessary because the Iron Men incident and Age of Strife in general made the Imperium fear the “Silica Animus”. Everyone wins and, as we all know, Dragons are rather protective of their hoards This gives a definition to “life”, as existence of individual.


That, and they do not have the actual knowledge to fuck with it intelligently, just through experimentation, which inevitably leads to slaughter. This page was last modified on 26 Februaryat While they do adapt designs occasionally, the only things they actually invented from scratch is the Lascannonthe Dunestrider perpetual motion machine whose creator was promptly executed and all designs lost upon creationas well all the Titansexcept for the Reaver and Apocalypse Classes, which were invented during the Age of Strife and the Dark Age of Technology respectively.

Unless it’s an obscure vidya reference. Humansvarious Servitorsassorted Transhumans and Cyborgs. It isn’t a shadow on the glory of the old, but it is all they have. When you have been fighting in a war for survival in a drastically overextended empire, this is what happens.

I dare you to try and take a 8, year-old flash drive from a techpriest who just found it. Best case scenario, it works. Because when you are a living machine and you just pissed off something that controls machines They typically look like a cross between Jawas and Doctor Octopus with a healthy dose of The Bene Tleilaxas well as wearing the sort of rebreather masks that you’ll typically see on riot police.

Everything burns, and the city is left to a scattered few survivors, walls open to the world, with the hungry predators circling.