Dark Ghost in Blood. I’m just trying to make the program with good coding. Crimson Dark Felipe Name: You may have to register before you can post: ActiveSkin makes it easy to create programs with visually stunning, fully interactive user interfaces.

activeskin 4.3 vb6

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New VB skin files avalilable for download, exchange skins.

I know this does not help answer your question with the control you are attempting to use but this is a solution to your problem that will not make you use someone elses OCX that you will need to release with your appilication.

Her sister ’67 Coupe has been adopted Newbie?

activeskin 4.3 vb6

Plain black with turquoise. Besides, I’m afraid they have viruses. Originally Posted by gibra. The button itself 1: Plain black with turquoise neon Javier Balkenende Name: I really don’t know where the problem is exaclty.

Hue, saturation, gamma, contrast, brightness adjustment of the whole skin and its parts. I just want a fix to my problem.


For the buttons this is the basics you need. The image of the button when hovered 3: Dark Ghost in Blue.

Some Labels Are Not Showing In Active Skin VBForums

Plain blue Javier Balkenende Name: Plain green Javier Balkenende Name: Classic in Light Grey. I hope these tips help you out to begin with before Activezkin have the time to put my example up. Have a nice day brother Wish ya the best always. If you have made a nice skin and you would like to post it please send it attached in a email to Email address protected by JavaScript.

activeskin 4.3 vb6

Place a Timers that will check if your cursor is out of the controls to put their images back to normal, see my thread here for mouse functions: NoBar Eric Pickering Name: You can use an image control to show in the top left corner the forms icon me. All times are GMT Results 1 to 15 of Plain black with yellow Javier Balkenende Name: Does that product have its own support site?


activeskin 4.3 vb6

Plain black with yellow. The time now is Again, put this in a module but it doesn’t matter where you put it, it’s just fb6. Dark Win in Blue.

Dark Ghost in Orange. I hope this will help you a bit, or else, well good luck with your theme control, which, by the way is not free. I’m just trying to make the activeskjn with good coding. Plain black with blue.

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