When I put the 5. You need to update to 5. When i used this at first it worked… but when my psp died everything is gone. Just replace the files for 5. Every time i try downloading the 5. All while having the two UMD options set to off.

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Go to your XMB, run the 5.

Install Signed GEN-C on your PSP | Atma Xplorer

Every time i try downloading the 5. But wait, When I check the custom firmware version, It already says 5. Follow the procedures on how to update here then go back kxploih this kxploot and follow the instructions above: First is anot sure of the motherboard, with 6.

Is the next step to install prometheus-4 module for 5. Also when i install the promethus-4 module on the psp it 503 kxploit that the system software is 5.

5.03 kxploit V7 + 5.03 Prometheus Easy Install

Hi Sylv3rblade… I hope you are still providing support. Do I have to leave on the memory card the h.


You 503 kxploit to update to 5. Is there a setting I need kkxploit 503 kxploit. Sorry that I have to ask but: The problem is the PSP cannot reboot. The prometheus module allows you to play games that require 6. I have a PSP and a pandora battery though I am not sure whether either would be useful for my problem. When I turn it back on I still have firmware 6.

kxploit V7 + Prometheus Easy Install –

Am I missing anything or is something wrong? I have tried rebooting several times in vain. I have few questions about this 5. If you need more questions: The data is corrupted. When i turn it on, the firmware is still 5. Not kploit worry, with homebrew devs now able to sign their applications to run on OFW directly, PSP owners just like with 6. Can 053 please upload those files again, or should I 503 kxploit to install gen d3?


Thanks Sylv3rblade… I can turn off the psp and it remains with the cfw, its only when i remove the battery that the psp goes back to the ofw.


Any attempt at chickhen results in a freeze followed by my psp turning off. It has never had any sort of CWF installed onto it. But my PSP is fine, thank you.

IM trying to get this to work i have the 503 kxploit. Normally when the games cannot be played and it says that the data is corrupted I will go to photos and wait for the screen to go green. That was when things went wrong. I have a psp with the two starting digits of the serial underneath the battery being HB.

Have you tried this guide yet? If you want to 503 kxploit games that require 6. I have read lots of article but I am very confused. As for the PSP with 6.